Understanding the difference in between acrylic and also latex paint deserve to be a confutilizing procedure. Latex paints as we recognize them are often described as “acrylic latex” while true acrylic paint is referred to as “100% acrylic.”How carry out these two paint kinds differ? Which is better? When should one use latex paint and when have to one use acrylic?Acrylic paint, though even more hard to occupational through than latex paint, provides a greater grade of durcapacity and weather resistance and hence an excellent alternative for many type of exterior applications. Latex is cheaper and also less complicated to usage, making it a far better alternative for the majority of inner applications.

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Let’s take a closer look at what makes these two forms of paints different and also what advantages and disadvantages each has over the other.Acrylic Paint vs Latex
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Anatomy of Paint

Although different paints may differ in their composition, all paints are mainly consisted of of four ingredients: binders, pigments, solvents, and additives. Each plays a vital duty in the makeup of paint.Pigments are a really crucial part of paint as they determine its shade. Pigments are commonly dry and also come in powder develop. For them to be converted right into a liquid that enables them to be painted onto a wall or item, pigments should be combined through a binder and also a solvent.A solvent, by definition, is a chemical that dissolves something else. In the instance of paint, solvents dissettle the pigment, binder, and any additives to create a substance through an even consistency that can be easily painted onto a wall surface or object.Solvents are made of a variety of different chemicals. Water is the ideal known and also the majority of commonly used solvent in paints, while oil-based paints generally use a petroleum-based chemical as a solvent. If you’re paint through oil, the solvent is the clear liquid resting on height of the paint when you open up the deserve to.Additives percreate a variety of features in the paint. They make the paint even more viscous for better coverage and also assist to store the pigments in the paint evenly dispersed. They have the right to also include added properties to paint, such as weather-resistance.Additives can also serve as a preservative, preventing mold from flourishing in the paint, extending its shelf life.The binder’s job is two-fold: to join the pigment pposts through each other and to bind the pigment to the wall once the solvent has evaporated. A binder determines a paint’s adhesion qualities and its fade resistance and also washability.Once the paint is applied, solvents evaporate, leaving the pigment, binder, and any kind of additives to develop a thin film over the wall or object.

Acrylic Repaint vs Latex: Rapid Summary

Main Uses: Due to its UV and water resistance properties, 100% acrylic is generally supplied for exterior application, while latex, through its low VOCs, better coverage properties, and ease-of-use make it preferable for most internal applications.Coverage: Latex mostly achieves better coverage per coat than acrylic, requiring fewer coats of paint.Durability: Acrylic paint has actually better elasticity, so it is better able to take care of temperature fluctuations, preventing cracking and also peeling. It likewise much better resists scuffs and scratches.Cost: Acrylic paints are substantially more expensive than latex paints.Ease of use: Latex paints create few VOCs, which indicates much less ventilation is forced for safe use, and also are simpler to clean as they are water-based. Acrylic paints produce much even more fumes and require paint thinner for cleanup. Latex paints likewise dry more conveniently.

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Latex Paint: A Quick Overview

Rustoleum 224423 8 oz Indoor/Outdoor Latex PaintBecause the word “latex” provides most of us think of rubber, it’s understandable why most civilization think that latex paint need to have actually rubber. In truth, latex as soon as provided rubber as its binder. It no longer does.There’s still an excellent reason for latex to be dubbed “latex” though. Instead of sap from the Brazilian Rubber Tree, latex now offers a synthetic polymer to create that exact same compound.Nowadays, latex paint is made via a water base, which is a big part of what provides it so popular. Water-based paint dries quickly, is easier to clean up, and producers few VOCs than other paints.Due to the fact that latex has actually even more elasticity than oil-based paints, it is much less most likely to crack and also peel. Latex is also gas permeable, so latex paint won’t trap moisture in, say, drywall.

Acrylic Paint: A Rapid Overview

INSL-X CTS39989A-01 Tough Shield Floor and Patio Paint, Saddle BrownAcrylic, choose latex paint, is made from acrylic resins. But unprefer latex, acrylic paint offers a chemical base. It’s these chemicals that make acrylic weather-resistant and resilient.Whereas latex paint permits water to pass through it, acrylic paint becomes water-resistant when it dries. It additionally has more elasticity, which indicates it will better flex with hardwood that swells and shrinks with humidity and also temperature transforms.Acrylic through 100% acrylic binders mostly lasts much longer than acrylic latex paint when offered to paint house exteriors.Regardless of these properties, acrylic paint is not frequently provided for this objective.Why? This is bereason 100% acrylic paint is considerably even more expensive than latex paint and does not cover virtually also, making it cost-prohibitive for painting the exterior of a whole house.Acrylic paint also dries even more easily (sometimes in minutes) and is regularly thick. This can make it challenging to paint big locations well.Acrylic paint is additionally exceptionally popular for arts and crafts applications as a result of the wide amount of colorful colors available in acrylic and also its ability to be applied to different materials and in great detail.

What Is the Difference Between Acrylic and Latex Paint?

Acrylic vs latex paintNow that we’ve establimelted what acrylic and latex paints are let’s take an extra in-depth look at just how the top quality of each differs. Understanding these distinctions is essential to deciding which is finest for your painting job.


Acrylic beats out latex when it concerns adhering qualities. Acrylic paints, as soon as properly primed, adright here well to a variety of different surdeals with, consisting of wood, stonework, metal, and also some plastics. Latex paint is mainly scheduled for lumber assets and also drywall.This is why paints such as Rustoleum, which is provided for metal, and Drylok, which is offered for masonry, are acrylic paints.Latex paints, in comparison, will quickly peel or be quickly scratched off of steel and stonework surdeals with.


Acrylic is exceptional as soon as it concerns weather resistance, which is why it is occasionally preferred as an exterior coating over latex. Both latex and acrylic are pliable, which allows them to expand also and contract through temperatures alters. As a result, they are much much less at risk to cracking and peeling than oil-based paint.Of the two, acrylic is even more pliable, definition it has actually remarkable weather resistance over latex.This provides acrylic more water-resistant. The binders in acrylic also do a better task of resisting the sun’s UV rays than the binders in latex paint, definition it will certainly retain its shade a lot much longer than latex.This means that acrylic is simpler to touch up later on, as the color in the have the right to will certainly still match the color on the wall.


While both acrylic and also latex market excellent durability, acrylic offers higher durcapacity. In enhancement to being more weather-resistant, acrylic paint additionally does a much better job of resisting wear and tear. Whereas latex paint have the right to scuff and note easily, acrylic will better resist this sort of damage.This is why acrylic paints are provided for high traffic paint work such as indoor or outdoor furniture, floors, exterior doors, and stairmeans.

Ease of use

Latex paint is relatively straightforward to work via. Latex primarily goes on smoothly and covers well. Its dry time is lengthy sufficient that you don’t have to problem around the workability of the paint. Latex is additionally straightforward to clean, requiring simply water.Acrylic paint, in compariboy, dries exceptionally easily. This deserve to be difficult on larger projects as fresh paint will not mix well through paint that has begun to dry. This suggests one have to work-related easily if utilizing acrylic on a big exterior project.Acrylic likewise does not go on as smoothly as latex. It is regularly much thicker. This suggests that you’re even more likely to watch brush strokes when utilizing acrylic paint than latex. Due to this, you must usage high quality brumelted and rollers as soon as using acrylic paint.Acrylics supplied to require paint thinner for cleanup. This deserve to be a pain as cleaning via paint thinner can be a time consuming and also messy procedure. Repaint thinner additionally has actually high VOCs, exposing the user to harmful fumes.Luckily, most acrylics made nowadays are water-soluble and also need only heat soapy water for cleaning brushes and rollers.

Cost and also Availability

Quality latex paint can be found reasonably inexpensively in essentially all house improvement stores that market home paint. Latex paint is typically obtainable from a range of different manufacturers to suit a range of various budgets and demands.Acrylic paint is substantially even more expensive. 100% acrylic paint commonly prices twice as much as latex paint. It have the right to likewise be even more challenging to uncover, often requiring you to go to paint specialty stores that the pros frequent. Whereas latex paints come in a selection of features, a lot of acrylic paints are for high-end or contractor grade usage.

Acrylic Paint vs Latex: Side-by-Side Compariboy Chart

Latex PaintAcrylic PaintBaseWaterAcrylic polymerVOC LevelsNone to lowModerateDry TimeAn hour or less30 minutes or lessCostLow to ModerateHighClean-upEasy (water only)Hard (paint-thinner required)CoverageBestGoodElasticityGoodBestDurabilityGoodBestResistance to marking/scuffingGoodBestMold/Mildew ResistanceLowHighUseable SurfacesPrimed wood/walls/masonryWood, masonry, metal, plasticUV Resistance/ Fade ResistanceLowHighTemperature ToleranceGoodBestEase of applicationEasyDifficultAvailabilityWidely availableLimited availabilityAdhesionGoodBest

Can You Mix Latex and also Acrylic Paint?

Since both are water-soluble, you can mix acrylic paint through latex paint quickly. Sindicate mix the 2 paints and stir thoapproximately. Mixing have the right to be provided to change the color of the paint.Just save in mind that mixing may affect the above properties of both paints, affecting such attributes as durcapacity, adhesion, and fade resistance.It’s additionally feasible to mix latex paint via artistic acrylic paints.Artistic acrylic paints come in two forms: liquid acrylic and tube acrylic. You deserve to use fluid acrylic paint to color latex paint just as you would certainly commercial tinting commodities. Just mix tiny quantities of fluid acrylic to your latex and also mix thoaround to transform the shade.Tube acrylics are thick creative paint that has actually the consistency of a cream or lotion. This paint is thicker to show brush strokes and also to allow for even more varied mixing and blending.Mixing tube acrylic paint through latex paint is feasible yet calls for a tiny more work. You’ll have to mix some water through the tube acrylic paint to provide it a thinner consistency, so it blends effectively via the latex paint.


Understanding the distinction in between acrylic paint and latex paint is instrumental to making the best decision for the ideal task.Latex paints are by much the the majority of well-known. Tbelow are high quality latex paint products for many kinds of applications, consisting of both inner and also exterior work. And, latex paints are common, obtainable in any kind of home improvement save from a range of manufacturers.That shelp, acrylic paints need to not be overlooked. Their durcapability and also weather-resistant properties make them exceptional paints for a selection of provides varying from residence exteriors to patio floors.I hope this guide has helped you decide whether latex or acrylic paint is the right pick for your project.