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The code below shows in invlid syntax in the initially elif statement. I have checked and also rechecked my code several times, but cant number out just how to resolve the error.

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fileHandle = open ( "gra1.txt" )count=0count1=0fileList = fileHandle.readlines()for fileLine in fileList: line=fileLine.split() if line<0> == "0": print "graph G%d ", (count) count +=1 elif line<0> == "1": print " " elif line<0>=="": proceed else: count1 += 1 if count1==1: a=line<0> elif count1==2: relation=line<0> elif count1==3: b=line<0> else: print a, relation, b count1=0fileHandle.close()


Your elif is not indented should be indented the same means if is indented. Seeing the else block, it appears that you have by mistake indented the first if. Remember that elif/else should be preyielded by an if constantly.

EDIT: corresponding to the edited question details: Why is the second else there? It isn"t predelivered by an if. I feel you should acquire your problems organized appropriately prior to composing the code.

One way to correct the code is to readjust this to an elif block:

else: count1 += 1 if count1==1: a=line<0> elif count1==2: relation=line<0> elif count1==3: b=line<0>You could want your indentation in Python to acquire better. Consider analysis up a little on that :-)


if line<0> == "0": print "graph G%d { ", (count) count +=1elif line<0> == "1":It appears that you accidentally missplaced your initially elif. In that state it matches no if"s so you obtain an error.


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