A 45-hour, thorough testimonial of Internal Medicine to assist in preparation for the ABIM certification exam. Taught by experienced clinician-educators, this Internal Medicine recording contains test-taking skills and tactics together with a considerable published syllabus. CME crmodify is obtainable.


Total of 49 Presentations w/ 45 CME See the Presenter and also Synced PowerPoint Slide Interenergetic CME Questions throughout the Course Easy Advance to Any Slide of the Course Choose Video or Audio Disc Formats Choose On- Demand also or On- Drive (USB) or On-Disc Deliincredibly Comprehensive PDF Syllabus Release Date: September 1, 2014 Which ACP Product have to I usage for Board Prep? Find out more

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Course Overview: This ACP Internal Medicine Board Review Course is designed to aid physicians prepare for the ABIM certifying examination in internal medicine. The course is led by a distinguimelted faculty from all the subspecialty areas that are experts in education and learning and also board exam preparation. Using the audience-response device, faculty members interact participants in clinical difficulty addressing via multiplechoice questions that reflect the structure of the ABIM examination. Although actual examicountry content is not known, core topics in inner medication and existing literary works approaches, along with test taking strategies, are stressed.

Learning Objectives 1. Recheck out internal medicine in preparation for the ABIM Certification Examination. 2. Identify strengths and also weaknesses in interior medicine expertise. 3. Integprice information from the many kind of subspecialties of interior Medicine.

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Course Overview
Allergy/Immunology Cardiology, including Valvular Heart DiseaseArrythmiasCoronary Artery DiseaseCardiology Case StudiesDermatology, including Skin MalignanciesDermatology for the InternistDiabetes, consisting of Adrenal & Gonadal PearlsThyroid DiseaseCalcium Metabolism & Bone DiseaseLipid Disorders & ManagementGastroenterology, consisting of Esophageal DisordersEvaluation of DiarrheaGastroenterology Case Based ReviewChronic Liver & Biliary Tract DiseaseGeriatrics Hematology/Oncology, consisting of Peripheral Smears and also AnemiaAnticoagulation UpdateThromboembolic DiseaseElectrolyte DisordersLeukemia & LymphomaBreastern CancerInfectious Diseases, including Infectious Disease PearlsSTDs & Urinary Tract InfectionsHIV DiseaseNephrology Acid Base DisordersNeurology Ophthamology Psychiatry Pulmonology/Critical Care, including Asthma & COPDPulmonary PearlsCritical Care MedicineOncology, consisting of Solid TumorsBreast CancerRheumatology, including VasculitisWomen"s Health, including Complications of PregnancyWomen"s Health PearlsFurther Topics include: Drug Interactions/Side EffectsMedical EthicsEvaluation of Usual SymptomsPerioperative MedicinePreventative Medicineand Board Resee QuestionsTest Taking Strategies


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WORKS Package: Audio, Video and On Demand Packeras Combined. Best Deal!Benefits

On-Demand also Package: Streaming and Downloading access to any kind of tool.Audio Package: (3) MP3 CD-ROM (1.46GB) and also (1) Mobile Audiobook DVD-ROM (1.18GB) Video Package: (26) DVDs and also (5) Mobile MP4 DVD-ROM (19.1GB)Interactive CME: Stream digital and also conveniently enter your answer at the end of each questionComprehensive Syllabus: Printed, Online and also on CD-ROM

On-Demand also Package: Streaming and also Downpack + Comprehensive PDF Online SyllabusBenefits

On-Demand also Access permits you to stream the course to any device via virtual accessibility View the course through picture-in-image presenter and slidesEasily enter your answer at the end of each question. Submit for CME credit utilizing amplified digital CME entry.Downloadable Mobile MP3 Audio or MP4 Video documents permit you to quickly move papers to your favorite mobile tool (no amplified CME functionality using downloadable files)Syllabus Materials are located in the virtual streaming player under the "Handouts" tab

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DVDs allow you to see the course on your favorite wide-display screen tv at residence or officeMobile MP4 DVD-ROM allows you to conveniently relocate video papers to your favorite mobile deviceCME Crmodify Submission: Keep Track of your answers on a bubble sheet and also then enter your answers online. (Print the bubble sheet from the Syllabus CD-ROM)

Audio Package: (3) MP3 CD-ROM (1.46GB) and also (1) Mobile Audiobook DVD-ROM (1.18GB) + Comprehensive Syllabus CD-ROMBenefits

MP3 CDs permit you to listen to course on your CD player in your vehicle or playerMobile AudioBook CD-ROM permits you to move audio records to your favorite mobile tool.Unprefer MP3 files, Audiobook files will certainly always remember where you left off throughout the 45 hour course.CME Credit Submission: Keep Track of your answers on a bubble sheet and then enter your answers digital. (Print the bubble sheet from the Syllabus CD-ROM)

CME Accreditation The Amerideserve to College of Physicians is acattributed by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to carry out continuing medical education and learning for medical professionals.The Amerihave the right to College of Physicians designates this enin the time of material for a maximum of 45 AMA PRA Classification 1 Credit(s)™. Physicians need to claim just the crmodify commensuprice with the extent of their participation in the activity.

Recording GuaranteeIf you do not pass the ABIM Board Recheck out Exam in Internal Medicine after reviewing the recorded variation of the ACP Board Rewatch Course, you are eligible for among two options:You might attfinish a live ACP Prep Course within twelve months of your ABIM alert date, subject to area availcapability, and also not pay the registration fee.-OR-You may obtain an On Demand ACP Board Rewatch course.To qualify, ssuggest send a copy of the ABIM notice letter of your test results to info