Part 1: Inner Engineering Actual Program Experiences!Part 2: Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya Experiences! (Post Inner Engineering)

2018 Summer/Fall: I was on holiday in Lisbon, Portugal and also it was among those rare moments when I wasn’t out and also about experimenting. The exhaustion of having actually walked and explored for the last numerous days had actually taken its toll on me, so I chose it’s best to retire at the hotel for a pair hours, recuperate and then make my way out in the time of the night.

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Little did I understand that in those moments, a decision would be made that would certainly transcreate my life forever!

Throughout those restful hours, I lay in bed binge watching Leo Gura of For those of you that don’t know, Leo is in his own means a guru as soon as it pertains to the civilization of self realization. His YouTube channel features a ton of awesome content that’s well worth checking out! (Credit:

Anymethods, as I was watching this video around Spiral Dynamics, Leo stated a name: Sadhguru. Leo was talking around the various stperiods of the spiral and in this specific stage, he was stating examples of individuals that are in that phase. “Who is this Sadhguru?” I pondered. The means Leo was describing him, made me desire to inspect him out even more! And so I did!

One video, 2 videos, 3 videos, ten videos! From binge watching Leo, I incessantly visited binge watching Sadhguru!

As all good things, my vacation pertained to an finish in a few days and also I traveled back to Canada to go back to work-related and the regime of life. But the even more videos I watched of this man, the even more enthralled I became! In all my life, I had actually yet to come across a perchild that spoke with as a lot clarity and also precision as Sadhguru did. I was flabbergasted and I absolutely loved it!

His means of articulating was so clear, it often made complex ideas seem foolishly obvious!

“How have the right to anyone not want to listen to what this guy hregarding say!?” I thought. If you’re looking to gain actual, Sadhguru is around as close to real as you can obtain. And I say that via zero hesitation! He tells it to you the method you need to hear it, and also if you’re lucky you could just obtain some humor and also wit for extra! (Credit: Sadhguru – The Grace)

I could go on about the prodiscovered wisdom of this male, however that could call for me to write a book. Anymeans, throughout among my binge watch sessions I stumbled upon a video clip of Sadhguru talking about this point dubbed Inner Engineering. The more I listened, the more I knew that this Inner Engineering is specifically what I needed at this allude in my life.

Long story short, I signed up at the start of 2019 (talk about a new year’s resolution!), and also from then the countdvery own was on!
What Is Inner Engineering Anyways?

Sindicate sassist, inner engineering is a technology for one’s well being. In the 4 day inner engineering regimen you learn a yogic exercise (Shambhavi Mahamudra kriya) that’s designed to enhance your in its entirety well being. The video listed below defines it much better than I have the right to (Credit: Sadhguru).

Important to note that tbelow are different kinds of Inner Engineering programs:

Inner Engineering Total—A 4 day routine run by a trained teacher. You will learn the powerful Shambhavi Mahamudra kriya in this program.
Inner Engineering Online—A series of digital videos that deserve to be completed at the leicertain of your house. You are not taught the Shambhavi kriya in this program.
Inner Engineering Completion—If you did the digital course, this is the next action. In this one you learn the Shambhavi kriya generally from Sadhguru.

There’s additionally an inner engineering retreat regimen, wbelow you spfinish about a week in the yoga center to go via the class. If I had actually more than 4 days to spare, I’d have actually definitely thought about taking the retreat! As I just had restricted availcapability on the weekdays, I took the 4 day inner design total program. You deserve to check out even more around the different programs here!


My Expectations Before Taking The Program!

I’ve never done yoga or taken any kind of spiroutine or well being type programs before, so in that sense I didn’t understand what I’d be going right into. Even still, I had actually very high expectations for the regime for 2 reasons:

It’s not an understatement to say I was expecting to be blown away!


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Reshma says:
December 10, 2019 at 8:16 am

Hi Eve! My Name is Reshma. I stumbled upon your blog after registering for Inner Engineering Total which is going to take area in Jan 2020 in Austin, TX. Reading around your experiences via Inner Engineering has actually certainly enhanced my anticipation and also level of excitement. Thank you for sharing your experience through remainder of the people. I have been living in an extremely illusional world that are of course produced by my thoughts to the many component and also hopecompletely Inner Engineering will certainly aid me transdevelop the means my thoughts and emotions occupational.

Alex says:
December 23, 2019 at 8:15 pm

Hey Eve,

Thanks for this. My experience and also characrter form are very comparable to yours, however i am doing the digital variation. I was meant to carry out the completion part a couple of weeks earlier and had an car accident with leg fractures. So i need to postpone discovering the Shambhavi Mahamudra till finish of Feb. I likewise did and still perform Isha Kriya nearly all days.

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I am incredibly curios what the Shambhavi Mahamudra involves!?! Is it asanas and also meditation? exactly how different is it as soon as compared to Isha Kriya?

Bandee says:
January 7, 2020 at 12:53 pm

Thank you for writing this write-up ! I just finimelted the Inner Engineering book and also I was shook to my core. I cried for two days bereason I felt so overwhelmed its prefer learning there’s a far better way to live. I wanted to move on to carry out the course however it was $150 so I wanted to make sure it was worth the investment! I’m going to see Sadhguru in San Fran this 2020 ! Thank you !

Cole Forcier says:
February 4, 2020 at 3:18 pm

Hello Eve, Thank you for writing this post. Were tright here ever before days you felt prefer you had actually to force yourself to execute the Kriya? I was a part of IEO with its completion being in Dallas, TX Nov 2019. I stopped doing the kriya 30 days later on bereason I didn’t check out the outcomes I wanted to see and also I was obtaining to the out of bed and to the practice eexceptionally day later and also later on. Anyway, thanks aobtain for sharing!

Anuradha Krishnamoorthy
June 15, 2020 at 5:05 am

Hi Eve,

Great write-up. I appreciated analysis eexceptionally line of it. I have just finimelted inner design book and also as well as inner design course during this pandemic lockdown. I can already see the performance of the course in me. I am able to a far better perboy and also take treatment of my family and also work without anxiety. Could you please tell me what should be finest to practice on a everyday basis in the morning? Meditations and also Yoga mentioned in the Isha app/web? Could you tell me what did you practice everyday?

Thanks for your time. Stay Blissed!

Regards, Anu

June 16, 2020 at 3:49 pm


So nice to hear! Thank you for stopping by and dropping a comment. Did you finish Inner Engineering Online? How was it? I’d love to know! To answer your question about what to practice in the mornings.

Assuming you have actually not been initiated into Shambhavi, I indicate you practice Isha Kriya as well as Simha Kriya day-to-day (both of these have the right to be discovered on YouTube – Sadhguru channel). Before I took IE Total (an in perchild program), I used to practice Isha Kriya twice a day (when morning, as soon as evening).

It’s an remarkable tool, and regularly times human being underestimate just how powerful/impactful it can be! My recommendation therefore to you is to start doing Isha Kriya consistently. You can also couple that with Simha Kriya which is a simple tool to boost your immunity and also lung capacity. Once you do gain initiated right into Shambhavi (short article lockdvery own whenever before in perchild programs start again), then you deserve to execute Shambhavi from that point on. I hope this answers your question. If not, please feel totally free to compose to me!



Anuradha Krishnamoorthy says:

Hi Eve,

Many kind of many thanks for your quick response.

I completed the inner engineering course digital a month earlier.

As recommfinished, I am founding my day with Isha Kriya, Simha Kriya and Upa Yoga. When I meditate my mind still wonders occasionally and also I need to pull it ago and also emphasis on the core of meditation. I am not certain if this will get better as I continue to practice. During the inner design course and this daily exercise, I observed that my behaviour is pleasant. I was never before addicted to coffee or tea yet still, I deserve to provide it amethod and also I don’t consume them as a compulsion.

I hope in the coming months I can transform my sleep duration. I have the right to still wake up beforehand for this but I feel sleepy later in the day. I am likewise a beginner for Surya Namaskar and also finding it slightly difficult. I realised my body is not that versatile.

I am loving to start my day through Isha Kriya, Simha Kriya, Upa Yoga. I encompass Isha music for stretches.


Great article. I met a woman who I instantly had actually a connection through .. shes the love of my life.. and also go figure shes 63 and Im 66 .. yet we are both a lot younger physically and mentally. She has take the inner Engineering and the 21 day article. She loves me yet she points out points about me – that I have negative thoughts and also tfinish to judge. She loves me a lot and is so supportive. She desires me to take the course. Unfortunately in times of COVID .. online is my only choice right now. She says we have the right to raise our connection so many kind of levels it would certainly bliss. How is this course going to solidify a partnership once I gain the impression that LOVE in between 2 human being is in a means minimized?? Does the teachings tend to support open up relationships? Love everyone roughly you not simply your partner? You have to foroffer me however I am a literal perkid so it renders it a tad harder for me to completely understand.. have the right to you have actually a normal loving supportive partnership even after inner engineering??? That’s my worry. She is always happy, smiling and also complete of power .. I don’t want to disappoint but also not lose what we have actually.. any type of advice or comment is appreciated!