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Launched on Oxford Medicine Online in 2012, through the full-text of eight Mayo Clinic Scientific Press (MCSP) print titles and a financial institution of multiple-option questions, Mayo Clinic Toolkit offers a solitary place for resident, fellow, and practicing clinicians to undertake the self-trial and error crucial to prepare for, and pass, the Boards. Mayo Clinic Infectious Diseases Board Reviewis a substantial, state-of-the-art publication. Written by practicing Mayo Clinic infectious diseases experts, the resource covers existing and also crucial clinical aspects of illness most likely to be encountered by the contagious diseases specialist as well as to appear on the subspecialty contagious diseases board examicountry. Tables, diagrams, algorithms, and also imeras have the right to all be enlarged and also downloaded to PowerPoint slides. Highlights of The Mayo Clinic Toolkit include: - Each title is presented in an magnified format, enabling the enlargement and also download of all figures and also images, and linking to outside sources referenced in the text. - The multiple-choice concerns are designed to mirror those in the Board exam for realistic preparation; they additionally attach ago to the relevant title, and also permit the user to measure their breakthrough through the recording of practice-exam success. - It have the right to be accessed on a selection of internet permitted tools, providing citizens, fellows, and also practicing clinicians the alternative to study in areas which suit them- Subscription lengths variety from 1-month to a full year. Combining two free reresource kinds right into a solitary area, with renovations to the print functions, the flexibility to choose wbelow and also once to study, and the ability to monitor revision progression, Mayo Clinic Toolkit is truly the go-to site for Board preparation.

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MD, Professor of Medicine, Consultant, Division of Infectious Diseases, Director, HIV Program, Director, Global HIV Education Initiative, College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic, USA

Table of Contents

Table of ContentsSection I: General1 Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Antimicrobials Lynn L. Estes, PharmD, RPh2 Antimicrobials Lynn L. Estes, PharmD, RPh, and also John W. Wilboy, MD3 Health Care-Associated Infection Prevention and Control Programs W. Charles Huskins, MD4 Mycobacterial and also Fungal Diagnostic Matthew J. Binnicker, PhD, Glenn D. Roberts, PhD, and Nancy L. Wengenack, PhD Questions and also AnswersSection II: Etiologic Agents5 Select Virprovides in Adults Randall C. Walker, MD 6 Select Gram-positive Aerobic Bacteria Robin Patel, MD7 Select Gram-negative Aerobic Bacteria David R. McNamara, MD, and Franklin R. Cockerill III, MD8 Select Anerobic Bacteria: Clostridium tetani and also Clostridium botulinum M. Rizwan Sohail, MD9 Borrelia and also Leptospira Species Julio C. Mendez, MD10 Tick-Borne Infections Alan J. Wideal, MD11 Mycobacteria Irene G. Sia, MD12 Nocardia and Actinomyces Christine L. Terrell, MD13 Candida Species Shimon Kusne, MD, and also Ann E. McCullough, MD14 Aspergillus Species Shimon Kusne, MD, and Ann E. McCullough, MD15 Histoplasma capsulatum Janis E. Blair, MD16 Blastomyces dermatitidis Janis E. Blair, MD17 Coccidioides Species Janis E. Blair, MD18 Paracoccidioides brasiliensis Janis E. Blair, MD19 Sporothrix schenckii Janis E. Blair, MD20 Cryptococcus neoformans Shimon Kusne, MD, and also Ann E. McCullough, MD21 Emerging Fungal Infections Holenarasipur R. Vikram, MD, FACP, FIDSA22 Parasitic Infections Jon E. Rosenblatt, MD, and also Bobbi S. Pritt, MD Questions and AnswersSection III: Select Major Clinical Syndromes23 Fever before of Unrecognized Origin Mary J. Kasten, MD24 Infections of the Oral Cavity, Neck, and Head Lisa M. Brumble, MD25 Pneumonia Priya Sampathkumar, MD26 Urinary Tract Infections Walter C. Hellinger, MD27 Sepsis Syndrome Andrew D. Badley, MD28 Infectious Diarrhea Robert Orenstein, DO 29 Intra-abdominal Infections Robert Orenstein, DO30 Viral Hepatitis Stacey A. Rizza, MD31 Infective Endocarditis Larry M. Baddour, MD, and also Daniel Z. Uslan, MD 32 Infections of the Central Nervous System Michael R. Keating, MD33 Skin and also Soft Tconcern Infections Imad M. Tleyjeh, MD, MSc, and Larry M. Baddour, MD 34 Osteomyelitis, Infectious Arthritis, and also Orthopedic Device Infection Elie F. Berbari, MD, and Douglas R. Osmon, MD35 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Randall S. Edson, MDQuestions and also AnswersSection IV: Special Hosts and also Situations36 Human being Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Zelalem Temesgen, MD37 HIV-Associated Opportunistic Infections and Conditions Anne M. Meehan, MB, BCh, PhD, and also Eric M. Poeschla, MD38 Infections in Patients With Hematologic Malignancies John W. Wilson, MD, and also Michelle A. Elliott, MD39 Infections in Transplant Recipients Raymund R. Razonable, MD40 Health Care-Associated Infections Rodney L. Thompboy, MD, and Priya Sampathkumar, MD41 Obstetric and also Gynecologic Issues Related to Infectious Diseases Kristi L. Boldt, MD42 Pediatric Infectious Diseases Thomas G. Boyce, MD43 Travel Medicine Abinash Virk, MD 44 Adult Immunizations Priya Sampathkumar, MD45 Agents of Bioterrorism Mark P. Wilhelm, MD, FACP Questions and Answers

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"This 600-web page board evaluation book offers an excellent synopsis of contagious diseases. It is split into 4 sections, each via a questions and also answers section: General, Etiologic Agents, Select Major Clinical Syndromes, and Special Hosts and Situations... The transmittable condition information is presented in a means that facilitates understanding, not just memorization... The Mayo Clinic Infectious Diseases Board Review book is a wonderful indicates to solidifying one"s infectious illness understanding, and also it might be a useful as an adjunct testimonial tool." — Sharon A. Bloom, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention