HighlightsTitle: I Am Watching YouAuthor: Teresa DriscollGenre: ThrillerPublisher: Thomas & MercerPrice: Rs 399Pages: 300
I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll is an intriguing thriller. Though the premise is straightforward, the means it"s told is exciting.

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Driscoll"s thriller complies with Ella Longfield, a florist from a tiny tvery own. The story starts through Ella on a train overhearing two young girls befriending 2 convicts, who have actually just been released from priboy. Being a mommy, she considers telling their paleas prior to deciding she"s being overprotective and interfering. The next day one of the girls is absent.
The story picks up a year later and also we check out attempts to resolve the mystery of the lacking girl from a number of perspectives. Ella, the father of the absent girl, her friend Sarah, and also a exclusive detective all go with their stays haunted by the event and also trying to settle it. Each chapter reveals a tiny even more about the night of the disappearance and hints at a lot even more. The short chapters never seem to tell you sufficient before switching to an additional character"s perspective and for this reason, the story keeps you hooked. It"s cleverly written and has an excellent balance of emovements with the facts which construct up the suspense.
The personalities are well defined and also differed, never before too nice or perfect. From the personal detective that left the police to the confused teenager, all have actually a solid voice, even if the characters are slightly cliched. The book reads rapid, as it"s both short and also gripping and the ending is a finish surpincrease. Those that favor to predict the ending may uncover the absence of foreshadowing annoying however the accumulation of anxiety is worth it. It is a good book to complete on a trip.

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