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The HP ElitePublication 8730w might be massive and also might weigh even more than your average lapoptimal, but that"s the allude. This is not a lapheight meant for word handling, sfinishing emails and also surfing the internet (that would just be plain overkill). It"s a mobile workterminal, equipped via an Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor Q9300 (2.5GHz, 6MB L2 cache, 1333MHz Front Side Bus), 4GB RAM, 250GB SATA 2 7200RPM tough drive and also an NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700M video card via 1GB video memory and it"s the many power-packed lappeak I"ve ever before lassist my hands on.

Wright here Do You Get Those Wonderful Toys?

I"ll be honest via you -- I"m a modern technology and tool freak. So when I experienced all the bells and also whistles on the 8730w, I was duly impressed. The initially thing I noticed was the full numeric keypad. If you occupational through such software program as Autodesk"s Toxik and spfinish time on location, you"re going to be collection. No pun intfinished. Of course, the DreamColor LCD and also color management software are icing on the cake. However before, the thing that initially recorded my attention the the majority of was the built-in fingerprint scanner. Cool little bit extras will execute that for me. Connection-wise, the device additionally includes a webcamera, HDMI and also VGA output, a memory card reader, four USB ports, an E-SATA port, Firewire 1394a, Express Card/54 slot, Ethernet and also a modem port, in situation you"re working in the middle of nowbelow.

As if that wasn"t enough, it has a touch pad, pointing stick and also 2 sets of computer mouse butlots, including middle computer mouse butlots for Max, Maya and also various other mouse-centric applications. In case you were wondering, the mechanism is incredibly solid and also well-developed, through bruburned aluminum adorning the height of the situation. Accents prefer a touch-sensitive control bar for Wi-Fi, volume and calculator are a nice finishing touch.

The HP Mobile Display Assistant through Native color area. " />

Color Correction

In 2006, DreamWorks Animation and also HP collaborated and also came up via DreamColor modern technology, which DreamWorks supplies for color correcting its animated features. The new LCDs from HP price a portion of CRTs they relocation. The EliteBook 8730w boasts a 17" LCD at 1920x1200 resolution. I"m used to that kind of resolution on my 24" display, not a 17" lapoptimal display screen. The LCD has actually 30-little color, and is qualified of displaying over 1 billion colors. Right out of package, I noticed this was no simple LCD. The colors were deep, wealthy and well-balanced, not waburned out or over-bappropriate.

The HP Mobile Display Assistant software program is wbelow you calibprice the display. With its software application wizard, calibration is quick and also basic. Of course, you deserve to additionally fill shade presets to encertain shade accuracy throughout jobs. Looking at Figures 1 and 2, it"s easy to watch just how wide the LCD"s color gamut truly is.

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The HP Mobile Display Assistant with sRGB shade room. " />

In addition to Toxik, Max and also Maya, the ElitePublication is additionally perfectly suited to Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and any kind of various other program that needs handling power and color accuracy.

So, What About Performance?

Funny you must ask. As you can view in the comparisons below, the ElitePublication beats the Opteron-based xw9400 hands-dvery own. Not bad for a computer you have the right to lug comfortably under one arm. Of course, the HP xw8400 quad had twice as many type of processors as the 8730w, so it"s no surpincrease that it outperformed the laptop by a broad margin. That sassist, the 8400 is around as portable as Sisyphus" boulder. An acceptable trade-off if you ask me.

Displacement & DOF.max

HP xw8400 (dual) 1:53 HP xw9400 2:32 HP xw8400 (quad) 1:07 HP 8730w 2:09

SpecViewPerf, Vista style

First, a couple of caveats: For the first time in any kind of of my reviews, I"m making use of Vista as a benchmarking platdevelop. I"m also using SpecViewPerf 10. With that in mind, remember that the resulting numbers may differ from previous test scores based upon those inconsistencies.


HP xw8400

SUM_RESULTS3DSMAXSUMMARY.TXT3dsmax-04 Weighted Geometric Median = 29.98

SUM_RESULTSCATIASUMMARY.TXTcatia-02 Weighted Geometric Average = 36.45

SUM_RESULTSENSIGHTSUMMARY.TXTensight-03 Weighted Geometric Typical = 21.83

SUM_RESULTSLIGHTSUMMARY.TXTlight-08 Weighted Geometric Typical = 34.42

SUM_RESULTSMAYASUMMARY.TXTmaya-02 Weighted Geometric Typical = 24.22

SUM_RESULTSPROESUMMARY.TXTproe-04 Weighted Geometric Typical = 28.59

SUM_RESULTSSWSUMMARY.TXTsw-01 Weighted Geometric Median = 36.90

SUM_RESULTSUGNXSUMMARY.TXTugnx-01 Weighted Geometric Mean = 10.86

SUM_RESULTSTCVISSUMMARY.TXTtcvis-01 Weighted Geometric Average = 6.357

HP 8730w

SUM_RESULTS3DSMAXSUMMARY.TXT3dsmax-04 Weighted Geometric Average = 35.77

SUM_RESULTSCATIASUMMARY.TXTcatia-02 Weighted Geometric Typical = 43.37

SUM_RESULTSENSIGHTSUMMARY.TXTensight-03 Weighted Geometric Typical = 37.09

SUM_RESULTSLIGHTSUMMARY.TXTlight-08 Weighted Geometric Mean = N/A

SUM_RESULTSMAYASUMMARY.TXTmaya-02 Weighted Geometric Typical = 116.28

SUM_RESULTSPROESUMMARY.TXTproe-04 Weighted Geometric Average = 41.25

SUM_RESULTSSWSUMMARY.TXTsw-01 Weighted Geometric Average = 76.14

SUM_RESULTSUGNXSUMMARY.TXTugnx-01 Weighted Geometric Mean = 26.22

SUM_RESULTSTCVISSUMMARY.TXTtcvis-01 Weighted Geometric Median = 23.88


I"ve compared the xw8400 via the 8730w, because both units have four cores. The xw8400 had a Quadro FX 3500 video card, albeit through a mere 256MB RAM. All I have to say is, Wow! Even after taking the distinctions between XP and also Vista right into account, and also the presumed imbalances in between SpecViewPerf 9 and 10, the numbers are still amazing, specifically wbelow Maya performance is concerned. What a distinction a pair of years make!


If you perform the sort of work that requirements color accuracy, yet also mobility, the EliteBook 8730w is the perfect solution. With its impressive DreamColor LCD, effective processor and video and also full numeric keypad, it"s the perfect mobile workequine for Toxik specialists. If you do not require shade correction, you have the right to obtain a version without the DreamColor LCD, which would work-related well for those in the oil and also gas sector. If you desire a powerful mobile workterminal through all the bells and whistles of a stationary workstation, look no better than HP"s EliteBook 8730w.

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