The initially line of code below declares a variable "file" which defines the file "myfile.out". The second line opens up the file and also the 3rd one tries carry out write a backslash "" to the file.

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documentclassarticleegindocument ewwritefile% immediateopenoutfile=myfile.out% immediatewritefile\%enddocumentThe 3rd line does not work-related bereason LaTeX acquire puzzled through the backslash, anyone knows how can I make it work? I tried many points consisting of extbackslash, $ackslash$ char ``` and so on and nopoint appears to job-related.

Thanks a lot


backslashchar. The following functions for me:

documentclassarticleegindocument ewwritefileimmediateopenoutfile=myfile.outmakeatletterimmediatewritefile{


Sound choose you desire a backslash in message mode; considering that ackslash does not work-related, attempt extbackslash.

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EDIT: symbol92 have to also work-related.




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