How to reference a table in latex

I was asked to provide an advent to tables in LaTeX. Even though there are plenty of tutorials and also pieces of LaTeX-code out tbelow in the internet, it could still be advantageous to somebody that just began using Latex or has actually never provided tables before…


Let me begin with the table-stub and also later on explain just how to fill in the actual table content. Many of the Latex editors administer a macro, which is commonly useful as it straight inserts the fundamental stub usually consisting of a couple of rows and columns of the table. The macro provided by LED is the following code:

egintablecenteringegintabular%table contentendtabularcaptionlabeltab:labelendtableTbelow is an optional dispute which determines wright here LaTeX places the table. Available placements are:

h (here), t (top), b (bottom) and p (web page of floats).

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Caption and also label are the exact same regulates offered when consisting of numbers. Caption is the explacountry displayed below or above the table, relying on wright here you insert it, prior to or after the tabular. The label is supplied for reference in the message. It is a Latex convention to start table recommendations by “tab:”, which no just allows you use the same name for a number (founding with fig:) and a table, but provides it much easier to differentiate between numbers and tables. Use the command eftab: to referral a table in the message.


The tabular setting produces a box consisting of a sequence of rows aligned vertically in columns. The finish tabular atmosphere takes 3 arguments:

egintabularwidthcolsThe first dispute fixes the width of the whole tabular setting.Filling the content is not challenging, as soon as you gained the principle. Columns are separated by “&” and also rows by “\”.

Example 1:

enattempt 1 & enattempt 2 & entry 3 & entry4 \You have to tell Latex in the start just how many kind of columns you will certainly be using. This is done by including l’s (align left), c’s (align center) and also r’s (align right) in addition to |’s (vertical bar for cell separation) as the argument of the command tabular.

Example 2:

In order to geneprice a table through 4 horizontal cells as in example 1, one would certainly use

egintabularcc have the right to be substituted by l and also r.

It is also possible to use various alignments for various cells. Just make certain that are as many type of c’s, l’s and r’s as tbelow are column entries, otherwise LaTeX will comordinary. For leaving a cell empty, just use “& &”. The number of &’s has to be equal to the number of c’s/r’s/l’s -1.

Tbelow are a certain variety of various other alternatives available, which I will not talk about here, as they are quite specific. You can uncover the finish command recommendation for tabular here.

In order to horizontally sepaprice the cells, just use hline, which inserts a line as wide as the table. The size of the table is figured out instantly, relying on the number of cells and also the content.

Example 3:

Here is the code for a complete table, which can be supplied as a design template for your tables, just copy-paste the code right into your tex-file:

egintablecenteringegintabularchlineProduct & 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5\hlinePrice & 124.- & 136.- & 85.- & 156.- & 23.-\Guarantee & 1 & 2 & - & 3 & 1\Rating & 89\% & 84\% & 51\% & & 45\%\hlinehlineRecommended & yes & yes & no & no & no\hlineendtabularcaptionThis is a table templatelabeltab:templateendtableTable eftab:template provides an example of just how to compose a table in Latex.Generating the PDF need to produce thefollowing table.


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I am using LaTeX to make some reports, one difficulty I am having is with Tables, the headings to the tables are fairly long. Right now I use the tabularx package, when I compile I obtain undercomplete hbox badness 10000, I understand it will certainly still work-related however I desire LaTeX to compile through no warnings. A minimal instance is offered below.

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documentclassarticleusepackagetabularxegindocumentegintablecenteringegintabularxlinewidthhlineLong Name & Long Name& Long Name & Very Long Namesssdsdsdsdsdsdsdssdsdsdsdsdsdsdsssdsds \hline1 & 2.3 & 30.3 & 36\hline2 & 8.6 & 10.4 & 17\hline3.5 & 18.2 & 5.2 & 12\hline5 & 28.2 & 3.4 & 6\hlineendtabularxendtableenddocument


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Hi Tom,

Thanks, it fixed it up, however I have actually made a decision to make the shift to the booktabs table, it looks a lot more skilled. However one more problem via the lengthy names in booktabs is Overfull hbox badness 10000, sometimes I gain this when placing figures side by side, any assistance?


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Hello tomplease help me in my problem

I’m utilizing lyx and I desire to make word table bold and put caption below word table, also i want both word table and subtitle to be the majority of left justified through left border of table , choose this

Table1This is table1 caption

what will certainly be code to modify or actions in lyx


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Hi, I have a problem

egintableegintabularl*3S opruleinputresult1.texottomruleendtabularendtableResult1.tex:

&multicolumn1c(1)&multicolumn1c(2)&multicolumn1c(3)\&multicolumn1cSuccess&multicolumn1cTotal&multicolumn1cRound1\midrulemain&&&\Round1&0.405sym***&&\&(0.121)&&\Gender&0.167&2.852sym**&0.336sym***\&(0.298)&(1.177)&(0.128)\Biology&-0.695&0.373&0.047\&(0.461)&(0.422)&(0.086)\Mathematics&0.355&-3.533&-0.829sym***\&(0.595)&(2.545)&(0.221)\Economics&0.195&-1.535&-0.140\&(0.358)&(1.308)&(0.148)\Psychology&0.471&-0.011&0.017\&(0.608)&(1.833)&(0.248)\Law&0.628&0.638&-0.257\&(0.568)&(2.058)&(0.211)\Treatment&0.722sym*&&0.105\&(0.411)&&(0.073)\Constant&-1.935sym***&14.719sym***&1.527sym***\&(0.702)&(1.343)&(0.138)\midruleObservations&234&234&234\I constantly get the error:

missplaced oaligne.ottomrule-> noaligne

I have the right to resolve the trouble by transforming inputresult1.tex to inputresult1.tex \

But then I have a empty line before the bottomdominion and also thats not what I want.

Anybody an idea?

Thanks in advance

Hi Markus,

I recommend to area the whole table, not just the table content, right into the file and try again. It functions for me. Also, following time, please provide a minimal functioning instance. I first had to google prior to I was able to run your code. It only functions once utilizing fairly an extensive amount of extra code.

Cheers, Tom.

Hello Tom,I have actually a query. I want to make a table which is extremely lengthy in terms of column. So I divided the whole point into 2 components. Now these are titled as Table 1 and Table 2. But how can I make them Table 1.(A) and Table 1.(B)…. Is tbelow any type of way?Thanks in advance

Hi Arindam,

The longtable package does what you are searching for. You can find an instance right here.

Best, Tom.

Hi Himanshu,

This can be due to the record class or package you’re useing. Try adding this line to your preamble:

enewcommand ablenameTable

Hi, does anyone currently exactly how to write words ‘figure’ and also ‘table’ which looks choose in amsart?I think that all letters are funding letters, yet only the initially is big and also the various other are small.

They are using small capitals, offered by the sc command.

Here’s a minimal working example wright here the list headings look comparable to what amsart produces.

documentclassarticleusepackagetocloft enewcommandcfttoctitlefonthfilsc enewcommandcftloftitlefonthfilsc enewcommandcftlottitlefonthfilscegindocument ableofcontentslistoffigureslistoftablesenddocumentHope this helps,Tom

I use a spreadtab package in tables. I attempt to enter a message column in it on which no calculation done, yet it doesn’t occupational. Please any kind of help!

Hi Tom i obtained this table… But… When I am going to use eftab:1 the outcome on my page says: Table II-A and I obtained no another table, I got a Figure yet it appears that is recognizing it as same form of label.

egintableegincenteringlabeltab:1captionParameters used for the calculations citeGanouni-citeLinparendcenteringegincenteringegintabularhline % Table contenthline endtabularparendcenteringendtable