In LaTeX you have the right to quickly recommendation a section by utilizing label alongside a section and then ef to create the recommendation. However before, the reference just includes the variety of the section, or the page via pageref. I would prefer to insert a referral containing the text of the area.

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sectionMy Sectionlabelsection:myThis is a reference to Section~ efsection:my.The output is the following:

1. My SectionThis is a referral to Section 1.I would certainly favor to have:

This is a recommendation to 1. My Section.



Have a look to this wiki: LaTeX/Labels and Cross-referencing:

The hyperref package instantly consists of the nameref package, and an in a similar way called command also. It inserts text matching to the area name, for example:

sectionMyFirstSectionlabelmarkersectionMySecondSection In area amerefmarker we defined...



I think you can do this through the hyperref package, although I"ve not tried it myself. From the relevant LaTeX Wikibook section:

The hyperref package introduces another advantageous command; autoref. This command creates a recommendation with additional message matching to the targets type, every one of which will certainly be a hyperlink. For instance, the command autorefsec:intro would develop a hyperattach to the labelsec:intro command, wherever it is. Assuming that this label is pointing to a section, the hyperconnect would contain the message "area 3.4", or similar (capitalization rules will certainly be followed, which renders this very convenient). You have the right to customize the preresolved message by respecifying ypeautorefname to the prefix you want, as in:



Using the hyperref package, you might also declare a brand-new command also by utilizing ewcommandsecref<1>autoref#1. ameref#1 in the pre-amble. Placing secrefsection:my in the message generates: 1. My section.

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