How to multiply a list in python

Given a list, print the worth obtained after multiplying all numbers in a list.Examples:Input : list1 = <1, 2, 3> Output : 6 Explanation: 1*2*3=6 Input : list1 = <3, 2, 4> Output : 24

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Method 1: TraversalInitialize the value of the product to 1(not 0 as 0 multiplied with anypoint retransforms zero). Traverse till the end of the list, multiply every number with the product. The worth stored in the product at the end will give you your last answer.Below is the Python implementation of the over approach:

Output:624 Method 2: Using have the right to use from import numpy to gain the multiplication of all the numbers in the list. It retransforms an integer or a float worth depending on the multiplication outcome.Below is the Python3 implementation of the above approach:
Output:624 Method 3 Using lambda function: Using numpy.arrayLambda’s definition does not encompass a “return” statement, it constantly consists of an expression that is reverted. We have the right to additionally put a lambdan interpretation everywhere a function is expected, and also we don’t need to assign it to a variable at all. This is the simplicity of lambda attributes. The reduce() function in Python takes in a role and also a list as an debate. The attribute is referred to as via a lambda role and a list and a new decreased outcome is returned. This percreates a recurring operation over the pairs of the list.Below is the Python3 implementation of the over approach:

Output:624 Method 4 Using prod feature of math library: Using math.prodStarting Python 3.8, a prod attribute has actually been contained in the math module in the traditional library, hence no must install external libraries.Below is the Python3 implementation of the over approach:
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