Glock Armorer Course Review

1-Day Glock Armorer"s Course

Student: Ken C. Occupation: Pipes Contractor Weapon: Glock Ammo Used: Approximately 500 rounds Number Course Taken: 2nd time Student Rating: 10/10 Course: Front Sight Course

What were your factors for taking this certain course?

This was my second time taking this course. I took this course previously in January of 2011. I took a Glock Model 19 both times. Of many of the classes I have taken at Front Sight, I have actually taken them a second time to further reinforce the product to development my abilities to the the majority of progressed levels.

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General Comments:

The instructor for this course is terrific. He has been the teacher on both occasions.He is extremely participating. Anytime anyone in the class has a question, he will speak and also explainthe product to everyone.Even after the class, he will certainly offer you his business card and tell you to contact him on any type of of his phone numbers if you have ever before have any type of inquiries or involves later on, after youhave actually taken the course. You can tell that he really enjoys what he does and also enjoys teachingit to others as well.The instructor additionally teaches theGunsmipoint class at Lassen College.When you"ve obtained a male thatunderstands and teachesgunsmipoint, his knowledge is farbeyond the material of the Amorer"scourse and also you will learn a greatamount of additional materialbecause of this.When I went home the first time aftertaking the course, I knew that Ineeded to go residence and exercise theskills I had simply learned. However, Idid not carry out this, and I realized that Inecessary to take the course aacquire toreinforce the product additionally. Now, after taking the course a second time, I was able todiagnose the difficulty via a provided weapon, and also to repair it through no assistance. I now feelcomfortable taking on a lot of any level of maintenance or repair that a Glock weapon mightneed later on.The class that I was in this second time seemed to have a greater ability level of students andwe acquired done through the actual course product around an hour early. Because of the added timeeasily accessible, the instructor entered an extra progressed level of troubleshooting and repairsession.

How carry out you rate this class?

I give this course a "10". At various other organizations, or via personal/work-related use, a lot of human being onlylearn just how to run their gun. At Front Sight, you learn to "run" your gun and to do so inthe many experienced manner.

Do you have any type of tips for first-time students of this course?

I actually took a buddy via me to the course this time and also he asked me the very same question. Itold him that all he essential to do wregarding examine the list of devices forced for test and to makesure he had actually all of the devices on the list.I would certainly advise anyone that is going to take this to simply present up prepared to learn because themale that teaches this class does an excellent task teaching you every little thing from start to finishthat you must understand.For any type of of the other Front Sight classes that one could take, I strongly suggest taking thefour-day variation of the course instead of the two-day version, so that you might learn as muchas feasible about your weapon.

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Would you imply this course to others?

Yes, I would certainly suggest this course to others.

How did you get there?

I drove ago and also forth from my house in Vegas.

How did you handle the lunch situation?

I brought lunches from residence.

Do you have any type of dinner suggestions?

The steakresidence in the Nugget Casino was pretty great. Also, the restaurant in the winery isgood.

What other classes are you planning to take in the future?

2-Day Shotgun Skill Builder2-Day Rifle Skill Builder

What various other classes have you taken at Front Sight?

4-Day Defensive Handgun2-Day Handgun Skill Builder Course2-Day Cutting edge Tactical Handgun4-Day Practical Rifle Course2-Day Rifle Skill Builder4-Day Tactical Shotgun2-Day Shotgun Skill Builder