I initially heard about Dan Lok from a comment left by a fellow musician on Facebook. This was method prior to he blew up on YouTube and on the internet in basic.I looked up more about him and discovered an sell to receive among his publications for complimentary. This was that book.I read it in 2018. Today, I recheck out the book to view what I thought about it currently. This review covers my major impressions around it & who it could be valuable for.

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The book has 4 parts:

F.U. Money Lifestyle​F.U. Money Myths F.U. Money Mindcollection F.U. Money Business

The book shares Dan’s perspective on individual finance & earnings purposes. Dan likewise talks different means to make money & his personal journey.Mindcollection is just one of the biggest topics in the book. He defines exactly how conventional thinking stops many civilization from becoming even more successful.Is this various than other publications in the genre?No. But, what renders it fun to read is how his personality splashes throughout the book. As the title could indicate, there’s a lot of colorful language supplied. Some people could find it offensive. If you’re looking for something more simple, don’t gain this book.The version I had actually (PDF) likewise included hyperweb links to assorted videos & provides that Dan has. Those are various ways to job-related through him or to buy various other assets. There are likewise a lot of worksheets that aid the reader digest the information in more depth.At 284 pages, this is a huge book to check out. But, his language and circulation provides it enjoyable.In short, if you’re looking for some principles & incentive, this book could be worth reading. If you’re searching for particular actionable financial advice & tactical details, don’t get this.Did I obtain a lot from reading it again? Yes, I did.Would I recommend it my fellow musicians & creatives? Yes.

Pros:Fun book to check out around exactly how to make money.Cons:Language could bother some civilization. More perspective & strategy based, much less tactical advice.

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TLDR:If you’re curious about this topic or been complying with Dan’s job-related online, examine out this book.

Dan still has actually an offer running for the digital variation below. Check it out if you’re curious: https://www.fumoney.com/free-ebook

You deserve to likewise obtain it at Amazon:https://www.amazon.com/F-U-Money-Make-Much-Please/dp/1599325748

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