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by Wendelin Van Draanen Published: May 13, 2003 Genres: Conshort-term, Romance, Young Adult Format: Paperearlier (224 pages) Source: Library

Flipped is a romance told in 2 voices. The first time Juli Baker observed Bryce Loski, she flipped. The initially time Bryce saw Juli, he ran. That’s pretty a lot the pattern for these 2 neighbors till the eighth grade, when, simply as Juli is realizing Bryce isn’t as wonderful as she assumed, Bryce is founding to see that Juli is pretty impressive. How these 2 teens control to check out beyond the surchallenge of things and also come together provides for a comic and emotional romance.

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I read this in one sitting as a bet against a friend that I couldn’t complete a 200 page book in much less than 4 hrs. I did! I win :) I loved the themes in this one about looking on the inside instead of the outside. The personalities either concentrated on the exterior appearances of things or the interior worth of things.

This story is told in duel perspectives that alternate each chapter. The boy, Bryce, had actually a charming but sarcastic voice via not much dialogue while the girl had actually a sweet, funny, and also endearing voice through a Hermione-type personality. After analysis a while I noticed that the girl, Juli, focused on dialogue and also detail. The voices were distinct and I enjoyed analysis each of their stories. But I think I could have chosen Bryce’s voice simply a tiny even more bereason his slightly negative mindset and sarcasm were just so a lot fun.

Finally I break complimentary and also carry out the just manly thing obtainable as soon as you’re salso years old – I dive behind my mother.

– Wendelin Van Draanen, Flipped pg 3 (Bryce)

Yes, each chapter tells the very same plot from the previous chapter yet simply from a different suggest of view. While the plot being retold did make the book feel a little long and slightly draggy, it was certainly not boring because the author, Wendelin Van Draanen, did a awesome job messing via your perspective and complex your biases. For instance, there’s one scene wright here Bryce insists that he didn’t say anything suppose and also just summarizes what he sassist and is baffled by Juli’s anger. Since you are reading that scene from his allude of check out, you agree with him. When you check out Juli’s chapter, you watch the actual dialogue of what he sassist and also your perspective flips and also you watch that he was being kind of a jerk.

That’s not to say I made a decision a side. I can view why each character did what they did and it was so interesting to check out 2 different views of the exact same events or conversations. Because you recognize what urges each of them, you don’t really judge them as one being much better than the other. I likewise favored seeing how Bryce would certainly do something out of self interest and Juli would certainly watch it as kind. It was cute to view how they construed each others actions. They both virtually always gained the other’s motivations wrong.

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I assumed that this was such a beautiful novel about exactly how vital it is to look at things and also human being for what they are on the inside rather of how they appear on the outside. And once you do this your perspective deserve to completely flip.

It was on a day like that as soon as my father’s notion of the whole being greater than the amount of its components moved from my head to my heart. The view from my sycaeven more was even more than rooftops and clouds and also wind and colors linked.

It was magic.

– Wendelin Van Draanen, Flipped pg 37 (Juli)

Overall, it was a cute love story around seeing human being for who they really are.

Content Rating: Everyone, a clean review.

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