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Start preparing for your future…today! Develop the test-taking skills you must prepare for your certification examicountry and also obtain a solid knowledge base to effectively enter practice. Begin through a real-civilization instance study introducing must-recognize disorders; then quiz yourself through inquiries reflecting the content in the board certification examicountries. More than 2,000 inquiries help you practice your diagnostic and treatment reasoning skills. Recheck out in any kind of setting. Access the brand-new Davis Digital Version, virtual at DavisPlus.

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1. Health Promovement and Disease Prevention 2. Neurological Disorders 3. Skin Disorders 4. Eye, Ear, Nose, and also Throat Problems 5. Cardiac Disorders 6. Respiratory Disorders 7. Gastrointestinal Disorders 8. Male Genitourinary System 9. Musculoskeletal Disorders 10. Peripheral Vascular Disease 11. Endocrine Disorders 12. Renal Disorders 13. Hematological and also Select Immunological Disorders 14. Psychosocial Disorders 15. Female Reproductive and Genitourinary Equipment 16. Older Adults 17. Pediatrics 18. Childbearing 19. Professional Issues Appendix Understanding Test Deauthorize and also Theory Index

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Reviewer: Kathleen M. Woodruff, DNP, RN, ANP-BC(USC School of Social Work)Description: This review book is intended to aid nurse practitioner students in preparing for the certification examicountry and also eventually entrance into practice. Purpose: This book has actually been occurred to aid nurse practitioners construct knowledge and also abilities to efficiently enter exercise and accomplish certification. The writer has determined a worthwhile objective and also has done an excellent job in meeting it.Audience: The writer of this book is an authority on the subject as a family nurse practitioner, expert speaker, and developer/speaker of NP certification and exercise preparation courses.

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Features: The book is not intended to be a comprehensive major treatment textbook, but as a source to reinforce finding out and also a overview for enattempt right into primary care practice. It is organized by devices of disorders. Each area offers complicated questions, answers, and also a conversation area to improve finding out. Many tables highlight the essential product and administer the reader with great sources.Assessment: Preparation for the nurse practitioner certification examination is always challenging, yet this book offers students with a great possibility to prepare, review, and also finish sample concerns for self-review. This is a crucial book that will certainly aid nurse practitioner students prepare and gain confidence for the certification examination. It is crucial that updated versions of this book are available to store the material present and accurate.