This error is concerned a file which cannot be discovered by LaTeX. This error typically appears as soon as either

The file path contains forbidden charactersYou have forgained to upfill the fileThe file path is spelled wrongly.

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For all indevelopment on just how to properly incorporate imperiods in your job, see our tutorial. Also note that whenever before you are including imperiods, you must encompass the graphicx package in your preamble by composing usepackagegraphicx. If you make any kind of of the mistakes outlined over, you will acquire an error which looks like

primary.tex, line 5

LaTeX Error: Data `image3" not found.

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See the LaTeX hands-on or LaTeX Companion for explacountry.Type H for prompt assist. ... l.8 includegraphicsimage3 I can not find the file via any type of of these extensions:.png,.pdf,.jpg,.mps,.jpeg,.jbig2,.jb2,.PNG,.PDF,.JPG,.JPEG,.JBIG2,.JB2,.epsTry keying to proceed.If that doesn"t job-related, type X to quit.

Typical Causes of Error

Forbidden personalities in the file path

LaTeX has problems with certain personalities in file paths, which you need to protect against. In some instances the usage of such personalities outcomes in a record not discovered error. Characters you need to protect against include:

area ( )percent symbol (%)backslash ()personalities which are made energetic, by default this is just the tilde, which increases to an unbreakable space (~)

Foracquiring to uppack file:

When you desire to include a document in your job, you must uppack it to the project so that LaTeX is able to discover it. This is done by clicking the "upload" switch as displayed below


After this, the file must show up in the left hand food selection.

Documents path incorrect:

When consisting of a document, you have to always create the file path from the root brochure. This is true even if the major record which you are compiling is stored in a folder in the root directory rather of the root catalog itself. An instance of this is displayed below


Here, the picture you want to use, photo.PNG is stored inside folder2, which itself is stored inside folder. As such, to tell LaTeX wright here to uncover the picture, you need to create the route as folder/folder2/image. This is displayed below

documentclassarticleusepackageinputencusepackagegraphicxegindocumenteginfigure centering includegraphics folder/folder2/image captionThis is your image labelfig:my_labelendfigureenddocument