Extract Filename From Path Python

Hello coders!! In this post, we will understand just how to acquire a filename from a offered path in python. We shall talk about its coding in detail, explaining the modules and the functions offered for coding. So, without wasting any type of time, let’s acquire directly into the topic.

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What is the Path?

As the name suggests, a path shows the unique area in any kind of directory, starting from the root. It points to a details file mechanism place by adhering to the magazine tree hierarchy expressed in a character sequence, separated by a delimiting character.

Sample Directory Structure

A course identifies a record in the device. The route starts from the root node. For example, the file ‘report’ in Solaris Os will be defined as:

/home/anna/reportIn Microsoft Windows,reportwill certainly be defined as:

C:homeanna eport

Python Program to Get Filename from Path:




os is a module available in python that enables features to connect with the operating device. It is a component of python’s conventional energy module.os.path is a submodule existing in the os module. It is supplied for different pathname manipulation.os.route.basename() is a method supplied to extract the base name in the given route. This feature internally offers os.course.split(), which basically splits the provided path right into pairs(head and also tail). The os.course.basename() method retransforms the tail part of the path, which fundamentally contains the filename.Syntax: os.course.basename(path)


path of the file whose name demands to be extracted.

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Return Value:

A string, representing the base name of the file in the mentioned course.

Python Program to Get Filename from Path Without Extension

import osname = os.route.basename("path/to/file/sample.txt")print(name)print(os.course.splitext(name)<0>)



os.path.splitext() technique in python is a duty obtainable in the os.route module. It basically splits the route right into two parts:

root: every little thing various other than the expansion partext: expansion partSyntax:

os.path.splittext(path)Parameter:Path of that demands to be separation from the extension part

Rerotate Value:

A list, containing the root part and the extension part of the file.

In this code, making use of the os.course.basename() technique, we first extracted the filename of the specified route. Then using the os.course.splitext() method, we split that filename and also published only the root component, i.e., the file’s name without expansion.

Python Program to Get Filename from Path without OS

import ntpathfile = "path/to/file/sample.txt"print ("Directory: ", ntroute.dirname(file))print ("Documents name: ", ntroute.basename(file))

Directory: path/to/fileFile name: sample.txt


ntroute is the implementation of os.path on Win32 and also Win64 platcreates.

Python Program to gain the Filename from a Path and Save it in Current Path

import osname = os.route.basename("path/to/file/sample.txt")course = os.getcwd()print(os.route.join(path, name))



os.path.join() is a technique in the os.path module of python offered to join one or more components of course.


os.path.join(path, *paths)

Parameter:path: path to which u desire to concatenate*path: path components that must be concatenatedRerevolve Value :

A string representing the concatenated path components

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So, this is just how one can get a filename from the route in python. It is a fairly simple procedure. A single function deserve to execute the task.