Extra large latex free condoms

A lot of world approximately the world are allergic to latex, which is the product the majority of traditional condoms are made of. Latex was uncovered in 1919 and also was automatically considered to be a much better alternate to condom manufacture than rubber because of its long lifeexpectations and, many importantly, its thinness.

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But wbelow did that leave people that were addicted to this revolutionary material? Didn’t they need security too? Were they to revert to rubber, or forgo security altogether?

Well, in 1994, virtually a century later, the innovators of the condom sector lastly found a solution for this demographic by coming up via the first non-latex condom without compromising on sensation or dependability (in truth, boosting it); that was the Polyurethane Condom.

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Additional down the line, in 2009, the Polyisoprene Condom was created and also was sassist to be a far better solution for human being with latex allergies.

Today, if you take place to be allergic to latex, tbelow is a broad array of non-latex prophylactics in the industry for you and also, in this write-up, we hope to reveal you to some of the best choices accessible to you.

1. Lifelayouts SKYN (or Lifestyles Skyn Large)

Lifeformats Skyn is made of premium polyisoprene. Polyisoprene is a type of non-latex material that is quickly lubricated, maximizing the condoms ease of usage. Lifestyle Skyn is safe to use via virtually all forms of lubricant and is additionally extremely comfortable. This specific condom fits and stretches best and it is particularly recommended for human being through average penis circumference.

Length: 7.5″ (190 mm)Width: 2.09″ (53 mm) view more

Lifeformats Skyn also comes in a bigger version – Lifestyle Skyn Large – which has actually a width of 2.2″ (56mm), which is a much better alternative for guys through circumference in between 5.1 and 5.5 inches.

2. Durex Avanti Bare Non-Latex

The Durex Avanti condom brand also comes in 2 types; the latex and also the non-latex. So be sure to get package that especially says ‘non-latex’. This soft-as-skin condom brand also is one of the most trusted in the civilization. The Durex Avanti non-latex condom variation is additionally made of polyisoprene and is thinner and even more sensitive in compariboy to the continuous latex variation.Length: 7.5″ (190mm)Width: 2.13″ (54mm) buy online

3. Trojan Supra Microsheer

Made with incredibly thin polyurethane, this condom variant is especially designed to improve the couple’s sensual pleasure. It is clear, odorless, and also exceptionally thin – the very features that suggest pure excitement. The Trojan Supra is likewise compatible via all kinds of lubricants, both oil-based and also water-based.

Although it functions a bigger width, people through bigger penis circumference need to save in mind that polyurethane is much less stretchable than latex so they could discover this condom uncomfortable (as well tight).

Length: 7.9″ (200mm)Width: 2.3″ (58mm) buy online

4. UNIQUE Securefit

This is the only small condom on this list, so it’s perfect for those that are looking for a tighter fit condom that is additionally latex-free. The product this condom is made of is synthetic polyethylene resin which is both long lasting and also super thin. At just 0.015 mm it is one of the thincolony prophylactics on the market.

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Width: 1.92″ (49 mm)Length: 6.3″ (160 mm) buy online

5. Naturalamb Non-Latex Lubricated Condoms

If you are looking for a more organic, skin-to-skin feel when making use of a condom, then this may be simply what you are trying to find. Note, however, Naturalamb’s non-latex prophylactics are recommfinished only for monogamous couples. While it functions perfectly against unwanted pregnancy, it doesn’t perform fairly too once it concerns defense against sexually transmitted infections. Made of lambskin, it is the most natural alternative to latex.

This condom has a pretty comfortable fit and also have the right to be offered by males that are in search of a larger condom. You likewise don’t need to problem around the condom slipping off bereason it comes through a Kling-Tite band also that ensures the condom stays in area in the time of intercourse.

Length: 7.9″ (200 mm)Width: 2.7″ (68 mm) buy online

6. FC2 Female condom

If you feel that none of the above pointed out prophylactics are an excellent match for you, don’t worry – you don’t have to damage on safety and security altogether. This Female (internal) Condom is made of nitrile, so they are suitable for world through a latex allergy.

Additionally, bereason they have a comfortable width, they will fit almost any kind of penis circumference. To uncover out more about female prophylactics read this write-up.

Note: these condoms are now accessible by prescription, so be certain to ask your doctor for a prescription if you’re willing to give them a shot.Update: as our reader provided, you deserve to additionally buy them at fc2.us.com or worldcondoms.com

Length: 7.28″ (185mm)Width: 2.99″ (76mm)

7. Durex RealFeel Condom

The Durex Real Feel is a non-latex condom made of polyisoprene. Each condom is electronically tested to verify stamina and also top quality prior to being packaged; and also while this condom may not be flavored, Durex definitely has a special means of making their condoms smell pleasantly.

The condom is transparent, sufficiently lubricated for ease of usage, and also has actually a reservoir pointer for added comfort. This condom is engineered to administer people via latex allergy with a organic skin-to-skin feeling, while still meeting, and also exceeding world-course safety requirements.

Length: 8.07″ (205mm)Width: 2.20″ (56mm) buy online

8. SKYN Cocktail Club

The Skyn Cocktail Club made it on this list bereason this was the extremely first, fully-fledged, flavored, non-latex condom to ever before grace the sector. Skyn continues to press borders in the condom market in terms of creativity and also development via this one. These flavored prophylactics were inspired by classical cocktail drinks consisting of Cherry Sunrise, Piña Colada, and also Passion Daiquiri.

Cocktail Club prophylactics are made of polyisoprene material, which is not just perfect for civilization through a latex allergy, yet also permits you and also your companion even more sensation.

Length: 7.68″ (195)Width: 2.08″ (53mm) buy online


UNIQUE launched 2 bigger condoms for those that discover UNIQUE Securefit also tiny yet still want to enjoy the superb feeling and also warm deliver that these non-latex condoms carry. Unique Plus XL actions roughly 60mm in width and Unique Plus roughly 66mm.

Length (XL/ XXL): 7.48″ (190mm) / 8.27″ (210mm)Width (XL/ XXL): 2.36″ (60mm) / 2.6″ (66mm) buy online

These are some of the the majority of renowned non-latex condom forms that are guaranteed to provide all latex-sensitive couples better options as far as optimum security is concerned.

Pick one or attempt all of them, then decide which brand suits you and your companion finest. With these options, your pleasure and security need not be compromised.


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