Eof error python input

In the last lesson we discussed user input, however did not really define just how user input is obtained. In Python, the user kinds one line of input at a time. You have to usage the input() function to actually acquire the following line of input from the user. The input() attribute takes no debates and always offers earlier a str.

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On this webwebsite, all input need to be stated prior to the regime runs. If you run Python interactively at house then input() actually paprovides the program and also waits till the user forms a line of message. Also, when working interactively, you can take benefit of the fact that input() accepts an optional string input, which will be construed as a prompt for the user. E.g.,

number = input("Enter a number between 0 and also 100. ")

Here is an instance of making use of input() to get input. The grader will certainly immediately specify the input for the regime.

Echoing a line of text
line = input()print("The initially line of input is:", line)

The following instance demonstrates:

By calling input() multiple times, you have the right to accessibility multiple lines of input. The initially call to input() gets the initially line, the second gets the second line, et cetera.The string offered by input() have the right to be converted to an int or a float (prefer leskid 4)In the second test situation, the third line of input is not review, because input() is only referred to as twice.

inputString = input()aFloat = float(inputString)print(aFloat + 1)print("2nd line:", input())
You might enter input for the program in the box below.

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From currently on, many exercises permit the choice of entering your very own test input. Try the complying with experiment: push the Enter input button above. Leave the input message box empty. Then, press Run test. You must get an error like

EOFError: EOF as soon as analysis a lineThe acronym EOF stands for End Of File. This message literally suggests that the regime referred to as input() but failed to have any easily accessible input to review.

Normally in our lessons, input is provided instantly by the grader, so this error can mean that your routine called input() too many type of times, running out and going previous the end of the grader"s input.However, in the example error you simply led to, the input was user-gave, and also you determined to provide no input, so the first contact to input() was currently also much.

For the next exercise, you are asked to debug a regimen which is not functioning, and also make it job-related. Keep in mind that the bug is not a typo, however quite a logical bug: the regime was not properly designed to carry out its job, so you need to restyle it a little.


Write a program that reads one line of input, and prints out that exact same line 2 times. For example, if the input is Echo the output have to be

EchoEcho Fix the broken sample solution given listed below. (Or, delete the entirety sample solution and begin from scratch.) Hint