Eof error python 3

So as we have the right to watch in the photos above, despite having actually created the expected output, our test situation fails due to a runtime error EOFError i.e., End of Documents Error. Let"s understand also what is EOF and how to tackle it.

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What is EOFError

In Python, an EOFError is an exemption that gets increased once attributes such as input() or raw_input() in situation of python2 rerevolve end-of-file (EOF) without reading any input.

When can we intend EOFError

We have the right to expect EOF in few cases which have to resolve input() / raw_input() such as:

Anvarious other feasible case to encounter EOF is, when we want to take some number of inputs from user i.e., we execute not know the exact number of inputs; for this reason we run an infinite loop for accepting inputs as below, and get a Traceback Error at the incredibly last iteration of our limitless loop because user does not give any input at that iteration

The code over gives EOFError bereason the input statement inside while loop raises an exception at last iteration

Do not problem if you don"t understand the code or don"t obtain context of the code, its just a solution of one of the difficulty statements on HackerRank 30 days of code challenge which you could want to checkThe vital component below is, that I supplied an infinite while loop to accept input which gave me a runtime error.

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How to tackle EOFError

We can capture EOFError as any type of various other error, by utilizing try-other than blocks as presented below :

In the code over, python exits out of the loop if it encounters EOFError and also we pass our test situation, the difficulty as a result of which this discussion started...

Hope this is helpfulIf you understand any kind of other cases where we deserve to intend EOFError, you could think about commenting them listed below.