Enumerate roman numerals latex

i) Higher per acre field of sugarcane.ii) Higher succlimbed content of sugarcane.iii) Lower Labor price.iv) Longer crushing period.

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Roguy character lists are not supported in pure Markdvery own.

You can use CSS to define a roguy character list with lowersituation letters, although it will look slightly different:


i. Lorem ipamount ii. Dolor sit amet iii. Foobar


Pandoc Supports Roman Numerals for Ordered Lists

The original Markdown does not support Roman numerals, and also presently (as of variation 0.28) neither does CommonMark. However before, some Markdown seasonings and also processors do assistance them, either natively or via specific extensions enabled.

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Pandoc permits you to use 2 spaces after a letter or Romale character to show such a list. For example:

I. Foo A. Bar B. Baz II. Quuxwill render the complying with HTML:

FooBarBazQuuxThis particular instance does not require CSS or non-default extensions, yet does require that you render your markup via Pandoc fairly than some other processor. If you"re utilizing anything else, your mileage will certainly differ.


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