Eco earth ball python

If you’re new to the world of sibbap.orgs or Ball Pythons (opens up in brand-new tab) in particular, then you may be wondering, “What is substrate and also why does my round python require it?

To put it ssuggest, substprice refers basically to what can be considered the flooring in a’s enclosure.

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Comparable to just how you might have actually hardwood flooring, carpet, or tile in your home, a will certainly have substprice.

And while the flooring in our houses doesn’t typically play a big function in affecting our health… in the people of sibbap.orgs?

Let’s simply say substprice plays a MAJOR role in keeping appropriate husbandry which DOES substantially affect a round python’s lifespan.

So, it have to come as no surprise that one of the the majority of critical elements of planning your round python’s put up will certainly involve choosing the RIGHT substrate.

The kind, source, and also depth of substprice have actually a far-reaching influence on your pet’s wellness and also happiness.

So, if you’re in search of a tiny guidance when it concerns finding the ideal sphere python substrate, remainder assured this post has actually obtained you covered!

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What to Look for When Purchasing Substprice for Ball PythonsBest Ball Python SubstratesBall Python Substprices to Avoid

Curious or in a hurry?

✅ This particular substrate is the MOST popular among round python owners AND likewise just-so-happens to take the optimal spot on our list also.

What to Look for When Purchasing Substrate for Ball Pythons

Before we discuss every one of your choices for substprice, let’s initially briefly comment on what you must take into consideration when comparing one substprice versus another.

The following 8 criteria will be used to rank the peak 6 best substrates in the following area. Because of this, gaining acquainted through them currently will certainly assist encertain you make the many informed pick possible for you and your awesome pet.

8 Criteria to Consider When Choosing the Right Substrate:

#1. Water Retention & Effect on Humidity. Ball pythons originate in the woodlands and grasslands of Africa, wright here the humidity is always relatively high. Different substprices will certainly influence the humidity level of your enclosure in a different way.

#2. Burrowing Habits. While not an especially common activity, some sphere pythons may gain burrowing and also excavating in their substprice. Loose substrates that allow for this can enaffluent the life of your captive snake.

#3. Fungal & Parawebsite Risk. Some substprice are inrenowned for introducing itchy mites to your helpmuch less pet or encouraging the expansion of mold in high humidity environments.

#4. Cost. As long as the substrate is proper for a round python, the following the majority of essential factor for many snake keepers is cost. This can array from pennies to fifty dollars eexceptionally time you clean the cage.

#5. Ease of Cleaning. Speaking of cleaning the enclocertain, the substrate can make or break the simplicity of such a job.

#6. Convenience of Purchasing. Some basic choices deserve to be purchased from the grocery keep, while other alternatives might call for a pilgrimage to a specialty shop or an digital order.

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#7. Aesthetics. This is an additional choice based entirely on personal preference. It won’t issue a lot if your sphere python is housed in a rack or an opaque plastic tub, yet display screen enclosures will call for more thought.

#8. Ingestion & Impaction Risk. This have the right to selection from tbelow being absolutely no risk of your pet ingesting the substrate to minimal impactivity risk, to down-appropriate “no.”

Now that we’ve spanned the criteria that will be offered to rank the substrates, let’s “dig in” (pun intended!) to your obtainable choices!

Best Ball Python Substrates

While the complying with 6 substprices all make fine choices, we’ll currently focus on mentioning in depth how they differ from one one more making use of the 8 criteria outlined above.

Rest assured, you can’t really go wrong here… yet as you’ll soon discover, some substrates ssuggest outshine others in certain categories.

Ball Python Substprice Option #1: Coconut Husk


Good for a short term substrate considering exactly how affordable it is, aspen unfortunately has actually even more cons than pros.

But, with that being shelp, if you’re in a pinch and also have actually a work-roughly for the potential humidity troubles and also impactivity hazard, it’s a solid option.

Humidity: Aspen shavings perform NOT assist keep humidity levels. In reality, they can dry the air out.

Burrowing: Depending on the brand also and size of the shavings, aspen bedding can be great for burrowing ball pythons.

Fungus and also Mites: Unfortunately, mites are prevalent hitchhikers on commercial bales of aspen bedding. Mold grows easily if the substrate is left damp for too lengthy.

Cost: Aspen shavings are very affordable. Huge bales typically expense around $50 or less.

Cleaning: Snake poop is straightforward to view and also straightforward to smell on aspen shavings. This makes it simple to spot-clean all of the soiled bedding. However, transforming the litter deserve to be a messy ordeal considering that points have the right to acquire dusty, and also the lightweight shavings seem to just float ameans and also everywhere the room.

Purchasing: Many superindustries with a pet section carry aspen shavings. You can likewise purchase it at pet shops, digital, or farm and also feed stores.

Aesthetics: This substprice looks semi-natural. Darker colored round python morphs will certainly benefit from the comparison provided by the yellow-white hardwood shavings.

Impaction: Aspen shavings have the right to differ from 1-2” chunks to hair-choose strands. Impaction is more likely with larger-cut shavings.