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I have offered the hrulefill command to create a horizontal dominion, along with some various other commands. In each instance I have actually the rules extended as much as the margin.

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I desire the rule width to be controlled, i.e. I want them to expectancy the entire web page. How deserve to this be done? The existing assist on Internet looks pretty scarce. Thanks for your help.


To gain horizontal lines of any kind of addressed length you have the right to usage the dominance command also. To gain a horizontal line covering the totality page width you can use a makebox command also and then a ascendancy with a width equal to paperwidth:

documentclassarticleegindocumentBelow is a Line extending the entire width of the page oindentmakebox ulepaperwidth0.4ptBelow is a 2cm lengthy line oindent ule2cm0.4ptBelow is a 4cm long line oindent ule4cm0.4ptBelow is a 8cm long line oindent ule8cm0.4ptenddocumentOutput:

Rules in Lasibbap.org are 0.4pt "thick", by default.

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Another option is this one, which renders a horizontal line stretch the whole page. I like this one, because it"s short, easy to remember and specifically what I need. I hope this works for you too.

oindent ulesibbap.orgtwidth1pt



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Attfinishing the horizontal line problem I supplied the dominion as other has mentioned. Although, if you desire to have actually a focused line that separates your paragraphs you can usage this straightforward code. You have the right to include an additional igskip in order to add empty spacing :)

documentclassarticle egindocument Some random sibbap.orgt over \ centerline ule13cm0.4pt igskip Some random message below enddocument
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