Dr phil new book review

Book Review of Life Code: The New Rules For Winning in the Real World

by Dr. Phil McGrawSelf-assist, Success, Motivation244 pperiods, Bird Street Books

Reviewed by Kathy A. Snyder

Some civilization live by the Golden Rule and also some world don’t. That old sayingof execute unto others as you would certainly want done

unto you. Have you ever before said, “I simply don’t understand just how he/she can execute that!” We have all met civilization that perform their very own point no matter that it negatively results. Like that womale who made a decision your husband is going to be her next husband and wins. That unqualified co-worker who manipulates the boss into promoting him. That relative who tells your unruly teenager that she doesn’t have to follow your rules. Their Golden Rule could be he who has the most gold rules. If your life is affected by among these people, then Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World
by Dr. Phil McGraw will certainly speak to you.

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Life Code

is a primer for people that wouldn’t harm a fly and don’t understand exactly how and why various other people would or could. Dr. Phil’s concept is excellent or nice people (my terminology) don’t acknowledge or understand also the perspective of people bent on backstabbing, abusing, showing a false front, taking, exploiting, and that don’t treatment who and what they hurt. He’s offered 6 words to make up a new term: BAITER or, backstabbers, abindividuals, imposters, takers, exploiters, and also reckmuch less. We all had the experience of human being who we assumed were a good guy or gal however later on uncover out they have actually no conscientific research about doing others injury. These civilization might be a co-worker, a boss, a friend, or also a spouse or relative.

Chapter 3 is titled, “The Bad Guys”/ “BAITER” Secret Playbook. Dr. Phil offers 15 rules or lessons to acknowledge how these people finish up winning and also prospering. For those of us taught to be nice and offer everyone the advantage of the doubt, these may be new and also shocking ideas. I’ll offer you a little taste: “#1: They infiltrate your life, seducing you with guarantees and also flattery” and also “#15: They are masters of passive-aggressive sabotage.” Those people who make us think we are finest friends however then they carry out somepoint to hurt us emotionally or physically or even damages our reputation or finances. Often we don’t also view it coming and are left wondering why and also exactly how.

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Dr. Phil doesn’t soptimal with his description of BAITER behavior. He goes on to teach us how to defend ourselves and also learn to not be the victim of someone’s poor intent. Its both reassuring to realize the habits of world to stop and shocking to check out this behavior laid out in ordinary English. Too often we convince ourselves that the BAITER in our life didn’t really expect it or if we simply say the appropriate point, the dispute or negative instance will certainly finish. He obstacles the reader not to resolve for simply being the victim with a sad story however to select to be attentive and reliable in our very own stays via the skills got from the middle section of Life Code


The last section requires learning the fine art of negotiation and also why it is important. Dr. Phil feels that negotiation is involved in eincredibly facet of life, from choosing meat from the butcher, to obtaining your spouse or children to carry out chores, to asking your boss for a raise. He defines fair negotiation in five “Strategic Steps” from expertise what other civilization are reasoning to setting our own limits or borders. Dr. Phil recommends we be the best advocate for ourselves bereason no one else is going to.

It’s a tough topic yet Dr. Phil writes in the same folksy manner that he speaks with and also offers humor throughout. I believe others will certainly acquire expertise and also expertise around the BAITERS in their resides and begin to live with more self power and also insight. Its helpful to identify the pattern of habits as they are doing it and learn to safeguard ourselves quite than maybe being stuck in the depression and also sadness of eternal victimhood. These civilization aren’t going to go ameans quietly – someone will certainly be their following victim. Don’t let it be you!

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