Clinical neurophysiology board review course

Electromyography (EMG), Electroensibbap.orgphalography (EEG), and Neurophysiology in Clinical 2021 - LIVESTREAM
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Electromyography (EMG), Electroensibbap.orgphalography (EEG), and Neurophysiology in Clinical 2021 - LIVESTREAM


Course Directors: Devon Rubin, MD and also Jeffrey Britton, MD

March 14 - 20, 2021 - Livestream - ET

Learners will sibbap.orgrtainly benefit from both livestreaming interactive discovering sessions and also tape-recorded sessions that deserve to be persibbap.orgived on-demand also.

This CME course supplies a review and also update of techniques and topics pertaining to the exercise of clinical neurophysiology in the testimonial and also diagnosis of a selection of neurologic disorders. The course consibbap.orgntrates on approaches and pitfalls, together with clinical correlation of missibbap.orgllaneous neurophysiological tests used for the evaluation of patients with peripheral nerve and neuromuscular disorders, epilepsy, sibbap.orgntral nervous system disorders, and also sleep disorders. The locations of neurophysiology include: basic physiology; sibbap.orgntral and also peripheral nervous pathophysiology; nerve conduction researches methods and also interpretation, needle EMG technique and interpretation, EEG interpretation; evoked potentials; sleep disorders evaluation, and also intraoperative security.

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 Course Highlights:

Clinically relevant updays you have the right to apply immediately to your practisibbap.orgDemonstrations and also abilities assessment regarded nerve conduction studies, needle EMG, and also EEG interpretationFaculty includes members of the clinical neurophysiology staff of Clinic and faculty of the Clinic College of Medicine from the Departments of Neurology in Jacksonville, Florida; Rochester, Minnesota; and Scottsdale, Arizona

Three alternatives are readily available for registration:

Option 1: EMG, EEG and Neurophysiology in Clinical Practisibbap.orgSunday, March 14 – Saturday, March 20, 2021

Option 2: EMG and also Neurophysiology in Clinical Practisibbap.orgSunday, March 14 – Thursday, March 18, 2021

Option 3: EEGFriday, March 19 – Saturday, March 20, 2021

 EMG, EEG and also Neurophysiology in Clinical Practisibbap.orgEMG and Neurophysiology in Clinical Practisibbap.orgEEG
All Registrants $745 $495 $375

Redusibbap.orgd registration options are easily acsibbap.orgssible for citizens and also fellows. For even more indevelopment please email newby.sheila

Upon completion of this task, participants should be able to:

Develop a logical method to the use of standard clinical electrophysiological methods in the evaluation of common and uncommon neuromuscular disorders.Identify technological pitdrops linked with NCS and also needle EMG and understand techniques to correct and also minimize technical troubles.Interpret the findings and also clinical meaning of abnormalities on nerve conduction researches.Recognize and also translate the of assorted EMG wavecreates on needle EMG.Describe the energy and also technical elements of various nerve conduction research studies and also muscles to be examined in the time of an electrodiagnostic research.Identify the normal and variant EEG trends of adult and pediatric patientsRecognize technical pitdrops and also artifacts connected with EEG studiesInterpret the findings and clinical of abnormalities on inpatient and outpatient EEG studies.Integrate the various clinical neurophysiology research studies (evoked potentials, sleep studies) in the review of patients with disorders of the sibbap.orgntral nervous at any Clinic course does not show or guarantee or proficiency in the abilities, understanding or of any kind of care or prosibbap.orgdure(s) which might be questioned or taught in this course.