Chester Washington Golf Course Review

Hole #1

Our opening hole is a par 4 downhill with the driving range boarding the best side of the fairmethod. A greenside bunker brief of the green protects it from wedges and also brief irons.

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Hole #2

Hole 2 is the first of the four par 3s on the course. A straightforward tee shot is needed as you aim at a modest-sized green via slope from earlier to front.

Hole #3

Hole 3 is a brief par 4 that can be reachable for much longer hitters. Cut the dogleg and also protect against the fairmeans bunker on the best to have a possibility at the green.

Hole #4

Two bunkers short of this green guard Hole 4 from a mid-iron from the white tees. But if a player chooses to hit a tee ball from the 195-yard blue tees, this hole becomes the toughest par 3 on the course.

Hole #5

Hole 5 is a directly par 4 up the hill towards the clubresidence. Avoid the huge tree brief and also right of the green if you want to make it.

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Hole #6

Hole 6 is a slight dogleg-left par 4. Your tee shot pressures you to hit over a 20-foot gorge. It’s extremely hard to make a putt on this green as it slopes severely from front to back.

Hole #7

Your tee shot on Hole 7 is aided by a downward slope. Golfers will pick up 10-25 yards of extra roll. The second swarm is difficult as a result of the smallest par 4 green on the course, which is likewise guarded by a big bunker short best of the green.

Hole #8

Hole 8 is a medium-length par 4 via the boundary fence serving as O.B. left of the fairmethod. A false front on this green renders it tough for golfers to roll balls onto the green.

Hole #9

From the tee, you can’t see the bottom of the fairmethod on the longest par 4 at Chester Washington. Golfers look ago at a mirror placed 20 feet in the air behind the tee box to gauge their shots.