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He is a Legfinish. She is a Prodigy. Who will be Champion?

June and also Day have sacrificed so a lot for the human being of the Republic – and also each various other – and also currently their nation is on the brink of a brand-new peaceful presence. June is ago in the good graces of the Republic, working within the government’s elite circles while Day has actually been assigned a high level army place.

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But as soon as a torment outbreak, deadlier than any kind of other, reasons panic in the Colonies, and battle threatens the Republic’s border cities, the 2 are thrown back together. June is the only one who knows the crucial to her country’s defence. But conserving the lives of thousands will mean asking the one she loves to offer up every little thing he has.


Champion starts 8 months after Prodigy ended. At the end of Prodigy, June and also Day broke up and went their separate ways, and also the battle in between the Republicans and the Colonies continues.

June is now among 3 Princeps-Elect to Elector Anden, his confidant and also right-hand also woman. Anden has feelings for June and even though she does choose him, she is still in love through Day.

Day has actually a position within the Republihave the right to army as a high-ranking officer. His strong, determination and also loyalty to the cause has paid off, and also he is viewed as a hero in the soldier’s eyes.

The pair are rejoined when a deadly afflict is infecting the nests and the Republicans are being blamed. With war brewing, the just hope of protecting against problem and saving the human being is by utilizing Day’s brother, Eden, that they think may organize the cure.

Can Day let his brother be offered as a guinea pig to help conserve the colonies’ people?

This is the last book in the "Legend" trilogy, by Marie Lu.

Right from the initially web page I came to be hooked as soon as aobtain by June and Day’s story. Their love for one an additional, even when they can’t be together, radiates of the page. These are two people, who had actually such various experiences prospering up, and also must hate each various other, however have uncovered solace in one an additional rather.

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The battle in between the Republicans and the Colonies maintained me intrigued as to just how the 2 opposing sides could discover a solution for tranquility between them. The activity in between the two sides kept me entertained and engaged through the story, which was complete of twists to the plot.

Champion, had my emotions running wild. From anger and also upcollection that June and Day had actually separated, wanting the pair to job-related via their dilemma, and also ago in each others arms, to sadness at Day’s disease and also his weakening body.

The ending was beauticompletely written and is heart-wrenching, mirroring how much Day implies to June as she’s willing to sacrifice everything that they have actually ever before had actually together, to conserve his life.

Marie Lu manperiods to absorb the reader into the stays of the personalities. She writes such vivid scenes, that you have the right to visualise standing appropriate in the middle of the action, and also keeps you on your toes through surprises in eincredibly chapter.

I was sorry that the trilogy had actually finimelted and wimelted that it had actually gone on, yet all good points should involved an end.

Book reregarded by Stacey


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Marie writes young adult novels and has a one-of-a-kind love for dystopian books. Ironically, she was born in 1984. Before she ended up being a full time writer, she was an artist in the video game industry.

She graduated from the College of Southern California in ’06 and presently resides in Los Angeles, wbelow she spends her time stuck in website traffic. LEGEND was her first novel.

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