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Emergency nursing is more than a project. It’s even more than a profession. It’s also more than a passion. It’s your calling. And your factors for answering this calling are as unique and also individual as you are. All of you want to help and care for others, however you perform it in so many type of impressive means. Some of you rush into catastrophes in the back of an ambulance. A few of you fly to peril without a assumed for yourself. Several of you care for our a lot of vulnerable populace – our children. And some of you control the chaos of a busy ED via limitless patience and grace.

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All 5 sibbap.org credentials have given me the confidence that I’m doing the finest care and also administration to my patients. I realized that the rush and also intensity working in the Emergency Department and also field must be paralleled with the latest and finest possible treatment. It made me more eager to pass all 5 certifications. I started my nursing career earlier in Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital in the Philippines, where I honed my skills and occurred my passion as an ER nurse. One way to prove my critical reasoning and also commitment is to pass all 5 sibbap.org certifications, which I properly finimelted in 1 year. Right now, I am working as a Flight Nurse in Texas, and also I am confident understanding that I supply safe and also high quality treatment to all my patients.

Nestor Alarcon, CEN, CFRN, CPEN, CTRN, TCRN

I initially obtained my CEN in 2015 to aid me feel confident as a more recent nurse in a busy mixed-age ED. I learned so a lot from the review course I took that I chose to gain my CPEN next to gain a better expertise of one of the the majority of breakable populaces that we treat. Quick forward 6 years, I have actually derived all 5 sibbap.org certs and also gained a riches of knowledge and also confidence with each one. My certs have assisted me get the field of expertise to development me to my dream task. If you are on the fence to examine and test for one, take the jump! You have actually nopoint to lose and also every little thing to get.


My grandpa passed away in an ER due to the lack of urgency and recognition of symptoms. I made a commitment to him and also myself that I would never allow for that to occur and my journey started. I began functioning at Baptist Hospital of Miami as a patient transporter, then CNA, then bedside ED RN, and also currently Assistant Nurse Manager in ED and Flight Nurse for Monroe County Fire Rescue. I do this every day bereason everyone wants their loved ones to come residence and also sometimes registered nurses can significantly influence that. No higher feeling than knowing I did all I can to make a difference in that patient and family"s life.

Obed Bello, CEN

Because on a Medical-Surgical floor, we are not as in tune via the signs and symptoms of a deteriorating patient. The CEN has assisted me identify those symptoms early giving me the expertise and confidence to intervene early before it is too late.

Kelley Watkid, CEN

I love nursing but Pediatric ER offers me the opportunity to be tbelow and treatment for the kids in our community. Be it a stubbed toe or the worst day of a parent"s life. I can be tright here offering my all, ensuring all youngsters are safe, receiving the best treatment and also are never alone even if their parents cannot be present.

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Sarah Daykin, CPEN, TCRN

Obtaining my CEN certification shows a commitment to the specialty of emergency nursing.

Theresa Skrobe, CEN

Certification in my location is essential to know that I have actually the knowledge to specialize in ER nursing.

Deborah Spann, CEN

I decided to be a specialist in my residence unit, the ED/trauma facility. Being someone my colleagues turn to as soon as in doubt provides me feel like I make a distinction in my hospital.

Katarzyna Krol, CEN, TCRN

It is rush hour and also the web traffic is backed up for an overturned car on the highmethod near the nation’s resources. The web traffic is blocked and also a landing zone is erected for the helicopter. As you land also and also departure the helicopter all eyes are on you and your partner. The patient and also the EMS personnel are depending upon you to aid a patient you will certainly be meeting on the worst day of their resides. Whatever the injuries may be, I have confidence from my training and also advanced certification, the CFRN. The CFRN validates my expertise as a flight nurse. The patient have the right to rest assured they are acquiring the best treatment.

Allen Wolfe, CFRN, CTRN

Originally, I wanted to lug my finest to the bedside each day. Currently, I’m enticing coemployees to accomplish the exact same difference.

Mary Whelan, CEN

I initially accomplished certification so that I might evolve and also advancement in the profession of Emergency Nursing and have the ability to demonstrate high exercise values. I proceed to recertify and also have actually active involvement in sibbap.org so that I deserve to promote certification, which helps nurses flourish in their career, achieve professional and also personal purposes, and also show the highest understanding when caring for patients.

Stalso Talbot, CEN, TCRN

Being certified in Emergency Nursing is necessary to me because it confirms that I have actually the experience and also expertise base that is required to treatment for a wide variety of medical problems in which our patients present. It’s always been an individual and experienced goal for me!

Elizabeth Fuller, CEN
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