Can I Paint Latex Over Oil Based Primer

Many homeowners wonder and also ask the question “deserve to you usage latex paint over oil based primer ?“. Read this write-up to discover out if it’s a good concept to usage the 2 together!


When renovating their existing residence or relocating right into a brand-new one, many type of homeowners struggle in terms of choosing the right sort of paint for the wall surfaces and also different wooden objects.

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The confusion often stems from the confusion that surrounds utilizing different types of paints, such as water-based and also oil-based, in combicountry.

It is a typically organized belief that oil-based paints don’t mix well via other forms of paints; however, at the exact same time, it is likewise said that it is perfectly okay to use latex paint over an oil-based primer. Interestingly, though, on the various other hand also, you can’t use oil-based paints over latex paint.

This might sound also more confmaking use of, so to aid you understand also better, right here is a thounstable breakdvery own of the difference between the two types of paints, and the reasons why utilizing latex paint over an oil primer is a great concept.

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Types of Painting Primers

What is Latex Paint?

First things initially, the reason why it’s dubbed ‘Latex’ is that initially, these paints were made through a rubber base. They offered rubber in various creates, which basically served as the ‘resin’ component of the paint.

However, after some time, the rubber base was replaced by a water-soluble base. This renders them ideal for basic paint projects choose ceilings and also wall surfaces.

Tbelow are three main types or arrays of latex paint, namely: 100% acrylic, vinyl-acrylic, and alkyd-modified latex.

The 100% acrylic latex is best known as the highest-perdeveloping array of this form of paint bereason it adheres extremely well and additionally retains excellent shade.

On the various other hand, vinyl-acrylic is the least expensive type and also is ideally provided for inner wall surfaces while alkyd modified latex is well-suited for exterior painting projects.

What is Oil Based Primer?

A primer is a distinctive sort of paint that you are supposed to apply before you layer the end up or the top coat of paint.

You deserve to think of a primer as the base or the foundation of your last paint that helps carry out it via a unicreate, also, and also smooth texture. This ensures that the finish result significantly adheres to the painted object and also doesn’t flake off easily.

Tright here are three main forms of primers, out of which, oil-based primers are the many popular type. They have actually been the standard in the painting industry for years and also are the most generally wanted alternative of primer.

One of the primary reasons for their popularity is their enhanced adaptability that allows them to be provided on a variety of various surfaces. They are also equally compatible and work-related really well through both oil paints and also latex paints.

Oil-based primers are ideally offered for both exterior and also interior painting jobs, with one fundamental requirement that the object, be it a wall surface or a wood surconfront, need to be bare and also unfinimelted.

Why Oil Paints Don’t Mix

Oil paints have been around for years, and also despite multiple inventions and also upgrades in their making, there’s one fact that stays true around them even today: Oil paints don’t mix.

The main reason why they don’t mix is that they take an exceptionally long time to dry. When compared to acrylic or latex paints, they dry at a really sluggish price. And because they don’t mix via other paints, it is a poor concept to usage over various other types of paint.

For instance, if you were to usage an oil-based paint over latex paint, the outcome will certainly be cracked paint because the bottom layer will dry at a different rate than the top oil paint layer.

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On the various other hand, even using latex paint over an oil-based primer is tricky, yet if done best, the outcomes are absolutely worth it!

Reasons to Use Latex Paint over an Oil Primer

When using latex paint over an oil-based primer, it is important to note that if you use it directly without preparing the surconfront, the latex paint is likely to crack and not stick properly.

With the ideal preparation, making use of latex paint on an oil base will certainly give you impressive results with a really strong, lasting painted surface. This has lightly sanding the oil primer via the aid of sandpaper in order to produce a smooth surface wright here both the paints deserve to blend via each other.

Here’s why making use of latex paint over an oil-based primer is a good idea.

Oil-based primers, especially when supplied on unfinimelted surencounters, carry out a correct seal that permits the optimal latex paint layer to cover the surchallenge better.When supplied on wood surencounters, oil-based primers prevent the wood from releasing tannins and also bleeding with the surconfront of the latex coat.One drawago of latex paints is that they can finish up swelling the grains of lumber. However before, as soon as you usage it over an oil-based primer, the last stays clear of it from damaging the surconfront, offered that you sand also it properly.

When using latex paint over an oil-based primer, always remember to prepare the surface well in order to have actually a smooth and lasting finish!

Types of Painting Primers

Oil-based primers

Oil-based primers work-related nicely via both oil and also latex paints (as we have checked out in this article) and also this versatility has made it an sector conventional.

It’s suitable for both internal and also exterior application, however in regards to preferred structure product, home builders virtually always usage it for bare timber because of its capability to seal porous surdeals with so properly. Once encapsulated, woods like redtimber and also cedar speak releasing harmful tannins right into the environment.

Oil-based primers are excellent at managing stains, ink, nicotine and water and they have the right to slow-moving or prevent future peeling, cracking and also blistering.

But, bereason they dry so progressively (24-hours+), these primers have the right to release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxic agents that might be harmful to people subjected to high concentrations of, or prolonged expocertain to, these assets.

Additional, you need to use harsh thinners and solvents to clean your tools, yet you deserve to intend a really smooth, long-lasting finish as soon as your oil-based primer dries and also you’re ready to paint.

Latex primers

If you’re prepping drywall for paint, latex is the appropriate product to usage bereason it dries rapid (3 to 4 hours), isn’t as brittle as oil-based primers and also it additionally does a decent job on soft woods choose pine, leaving surdeals with less likely to peel or crack.

Use latex to prime brick, concrete and galvanized metals in addition to that drywall, and also latex is well-known for its capacity to even out wallboard and joint compounds provided to patch or repair damages.

If your wall is stained by smoke, crayon, cosmetics, and so on, latex deserve to perform an enough task of hiding stains, however not as excellent as oil- or shellac-based primers.

Because latex is water-soluble, devices are straightforward to clean and also you won’t have a difficult time locating low- or no-VOC assets, so this alternative is the healthiest among all.

Knvery own likewise as acrylic primer, latex is especially advantageous if you are managing woods that retain dampness. Economical and simple to use, latex resists blistering, molting, peeling and yellowing, as well.

Shellac primers

For historians, shellac primers are part of the story of architecture. They’ve been about for centuries and also no various other primer have the right to complete as soon as it involves stains that run the gamut from water and smoke damage to rust.

Like oil-based products, shellac is a great wood sealant because it stops tannins from bleeding via paint. Due to the fact that it is incredibly elastic, you can usage shellac primers for plaster, steel and also also plastic.

This fast-drying primer—often under an hour—deserve to help you prime surencounters in record time compared to latex, however the trade-off is that you should use denatured alcohol to thin the primer and clean your devices.

For sensitive noses, fumes offered off by this alcohol have the right to be disagreeable. Professionals say that shellac isn’t as flexible as latex- and oil-based primers, however if you’re sealing or trimming lumber, door frames, plaster or wallpaper, shellac stays a favorite among folks in the paint trade.