Box An Equation Latex

The Latex command also to put the border (box) roughly an equation is asfbox or oxedDescription :oxed command also draws a box about dispute. The debate is in text mode.

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Example :oxedsinfracx2 = frac14Output :

oxedsinfracx2 = frac14Next we can add the desire color to the border ascolorcolorNameDescription :color command collection color of the font or the border approximately package. The argument is the name of the shade.

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Example :colorgreenoxedcolorblack x + y = 10Output :colorgreenoxedcolorblack x + y = 10Lastly let’s see the boxes filled with shade via command as

colorboxcolorNametextDescription :colorbox command fills the background shade of package via the argument. The argument is the name of the shade.Example :colorboxgreencolorwhiteHello from sibbap.orgOutput:colorboxgreencolorwhiteHello from sibbap.orgAttention reader! Don’t stop finding out now. Get hold of all the necessary CS Theory principles for SDE interviews with the CS Theory Course at a student-friendly price and also end up being industry all set.
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