Cormier, Robert

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Dell Laurel-Leaf
Paperago, 135 pages, 1.5 line spacing
Copyright 1995

- Publication cover/size/number of pperiods looks aimed at young (6/7/8th grade) reader
- Francis has actually guilt and also shame in church after praying for man he is going to kill
- farts/burps (shows what age reader this book is aimed at)
- grenade blows amethod Francis� face in France (WWII)
- beer/drunkenness
- smell of diarrhea

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- �..bruburned her sweater and I was surprised at the softness of her breast. My hand lingered tbelow for a minute and also she didn�t protest.�
- Hears his duty model/mentor/hero (Larry) rape the girl he likes. Climbs church steeple to jump and also commit self-destruction however changes his mind and also joins Army
- After coming residence he goes to kill Larry: �Why Nicole? The sweet young points, Francis. Even their warm is sweet��had he done it before? How many kind of young girls had actually been attacked by him��Everybody sins, Francis. The disastrous things is we love our sins. We love the thing that makes us evil. I love sweet young things ..�..Does that one sin of mine wipe amethod all the excellent things?�
- Larry commits self-destruction buy shooting himself
- In Fairfax County Public School Middle School Library System
- Robert Cormier, author of plenty of publications for young children, is just one of the the majority of tested authors, this title is simply among his publications that have actually been generally tested. Adult content (age inappropriateness) and also foul language are 2 prevalent factors. Many type of of his titles have been considered inproper for younger students