One method to find more reviewers for your book is to look at what’s offering in your genre, view who has reviewed them, and also then reach out to those civilization. When I started publishing fiction I did my own study. It’s easy: you just go via all the reviews, and also copy down any type of contact indevelopment. They typically have actually a blog or webwebsite or something (maybe around 50% of them, anyway). It takes a small work-related yet you have the right to discover a call create or email and send them a review copy.

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However before, that led to a large, messy word record of garbage and also I’ve never before had actually time to go through and also get it arranged. And now there are solutions popping up that will perform that for you.

So I determined to try them all out and also perform a large case study…


HOWEVER– just because I have the right to gain readers on my list, doesn’t suppose they’ll testimonial my books. It’s pretty easy to acquire human being to authorize approximately win free stuff, and also some civilization will sign up just to win the Amazon crmodify. That’s why it’s much better to run short-term giveameans and taracquire aggressively through Facebook ads to very particular types of readers. Otherwise your giveamethod will get detailed on a “Free Stuff” webwebsite and also you’ll acquire a thousand fake emails signing up.

If you want someone to execute this type of giveaway for you,Rebecca Hamilton has a service that avereras roughly 1000 leads for $200 (results vary) and I’ve viewed equivalent services popping up. Usually though, these *work* yet need to be done appropriate, and also the means you begin engaging and also structure trust via the new list you built is essential and straightforward to get wrong.

But this write-up is around utilizing “testimonial research” sites to construct a list of potentialreviewers, and emailing them particularly asking for reviews. In concept, this reviewers will certainly be even more likely to review your books than “constant readers” that sign approximately win stuff but don’t necessarily post reviews. To test it out, I’m going to get 1000 leads from both solutions detailed above and keep2 separate lists, and also direct each list in the direction of one permacomplimentary book.

I’m likewise dividing in between dark fantasy, and also scifi/dystopia, which are my main 2 genres.

Book Razor

Publication Razoris the leader in this space – I uncovered their site a number of times prior to finally placing an order for 1000 leads. I sent one email to the new list. I *should* resend the email to non-opens up, and also I’ll follow up in two or three months via a different/new book.

But from that one email, about 20% responded and also sassist they’d downfill the book and evaluation as soon as they have actually time (about 200). If that results in 25+ reviews, which I think it will – and that’s a conservative estimate – I’ll be happy through the investment.

I was worried about this seeming spammy in the initially round, which is why I just sent out one email, yet the majority of responses were eager and also thanked me for getting to out – so following time, I’ll resend to unopens up, inspect earlier in a couple of weeks to watch if they obtained my initially email, and then attempt another time a few weeks later on (then wait until I have actually an additional book out). So basically, I think I’ve already obtained worth from my BookRazor list, yet arrangement on acquiring also even more worth out of it soon.

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Reviewers for Books

I’ve been as well busy writing, but I’ll include to this short article as soon as I have actually even more books out and invest in some more leads fromReviewers for Books.

What to email

You’re basically cold-emailing prospects, so you need to be mindful and also sensitive, yet in my suffer if you’re just supplying a free book, many readers will appreciate the email (or at least not mark it as spam).

The trick is to save it exceptionally casual.

Better to personalize by name and book, for instance “Hi Tom, I experienced you reregarded among my favorite publications, “XXX” – I’ve freshly finished my very own novel that I think you’ll enjoy as well, so I wanted to reach out and offer you a cost-free copy.

Here’s the link: It’s a (extremely short, one sentence description).

I’m providing amethod duplicates to reviews in the wishes of acquiring more reviews – I’m still founding out so getting to new readers is more essential than profit at this point. But no duties of course, only testimonial it if you actually prefer it. If it’s not for you or you don’t have actually time appropriate now, I entirely understand also.


You can additionally mass send somepoint a little even more general – choose “hi, I noticed you reperceived some “genre” publications on Amazon and also I wanted to offer you a complimentary book.”

Some doubtful civilization might compose ago with “Which book?” – if you’ve preserved your data, you ca solution them, or simply overlook them. I think hitting a 20% response rate is reasonable – likewise I constantly sfinish out the book in the first email, rather of asking them to respond for a free copy (a lot of civilization won’t desire to communicate through the author until they’ve taken a look at quality.)

Don’t say “I’m providing a complimentary book IN EXCHANGE for a review” – you’re not enabled to exadjust anything for reviews, not also a cost-free book.

You can follow up once or twice, “Did you have a opportunity to read it?” But the more you follow up, the even more you’ll piss civilization off. On the one hand also, if you carry out followup a few times you’ll obtain even more reviews by being pushy. On the other hand, you’ll anxiety human being out (some authors testimonial my books then email me expecting that I’ll carry out the exact same for them…)

If you’re having actually a really hard time getting anyone to read or review your book, you probably have actually a fatal error via your core package (cover, summary, or product).

Also, it’s a numbers game. I try to provide out 1000 duplicates to interested readers and hope for 20 or 30 reviews throughout launch. You deserve to obtain even more if you’re more engaged and also followup even more. I’m verycalm via my marketing and don’t prefer to press.