I gain making educational assets students can usage separately for lessons, centers and research study. My goal is to administer teachers via Ready To Go commodities that save or provide teachers precious TIME. I have actually years of experience as a classroom teacher, Reresource Teacher and elementary Media Specialist.

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Book Resee Poster - Soar Into a Good Book! *Publish and Go!*
Publication Resee Poster - Pop Into a Good Book! *Print and Go!*
Book Recheck out Poster - Fall Into a Good Book! *Publish and Go!*
Publication Rewatch Poster - Dive Into a Good Book! *Print and Go!*
Book Rewatch Poster - Spring Into a New Book!

Here are 5 FUN Book Review Posters for students to share a good book they’ve check out freshly.

Currently included in this Bundle are:

Dive Into a Good Book

Spring Into a New (and Good) Book

Soar Into a Good Book!

Pop Into a Good Book

Fall Into a Good Book

These 8.5" x 11" Book Rewatch Posters come with space for the student’s rating, title and writer of book, recommendation, and also space for an illustration and also sentence detailing their favorite scene in the book. Students then shade in the poster to finish it off!

Just Publish and also Go! Makes a good time filler, bulletin board, center or substitute plan. phelp licenceHow can I reusage this?


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18 November 2018


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I enjoy making educational assets students deserve to use independently for lessons, centers and also research. My goal is to administer teachers through Ready To Go commodities that conserve or provide teachers priceless TIME. I have actually decades of experience as a classroom teacher, Reresource Teacher and also elementary Media Specialist.

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