Hi! I"m Dayla F.M. I"m an avid reader, writer, and also reviewer. My blog is a collection of upcoming publications, my own bookish photography, reblogged photography, book reviews, relatable book posts, and opinions. You deserve to find web links to past interviews, reviews, and also my FAQ on my web links page! Never be afrhelp to ask me anything! Happy reading/writing! Disclaimer: Most of the images that I post are mine (usually by means of Instagram). If a picture is not mine, it"s bereason I"ve reblogged it. Please feel complimentary to tell me if I have sourced your photo mistakenly and also I will certainly conveniently readjust it.

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Rewatch Policy (For Authors and also Publishers)

Hi there! If you’re on this section of my blog it’s many most likely bereason you want to ask me to evaluation your novel! (If so, say thanks to you for the opportunity!)

I am currently not accepting researches for self-published books.

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Keep in mind:If I don’t respond to your email, it is because I either am not accepting any type of brand-new researches, I’m not interested in analysis the book, I’m not interested bereason of the genre or age group, or bereason your repursuit does not follow the pointer for repursuits that are stated in my Review Policies.

I don’t intend to be rude, yet if you have read my guidelines and also still request a review for your book, despite my stating that I will not accept specific books, then please understand that I will certainly not respond.

Please save in mind that I might take a while to review and evaluation your book. For books that have yet to be released, I will make certain that I read and also testimonial them before they are released.

I might deny a request if:

I am not interested in the novel in question–the synopsis simply doesn’t appeal to me.I don’t want to accept a book I might not actually check out because a) someone else can prefer to check out the book more than me, b) If you’re an indie author, printing books is expensive and I don’t desire to accept books I might not read because they aren’t cheap to print, c) I’ve learned to be a lot pickier through which publications I choose to review.If it is in a format I execute not accept.If it is a book in a genre that I perform not favor.If I currently have many publications to read for testimonial.I do accept ARCs, however just from publishers and also agents. Self-publimelted authors—please sfinish a book that is edited.

Formats I accept:



-Physical novel

Here’s a need-to-understand about my reviewing style:

I believe in honesty as soon as I compose a evaluation, even if it appears harsh, I don’t constantly intend it to be so, I’m just telling the fact from what I competent.I am exceptionally meticulous, so I notification eincredibly little bit thing. So don’t take to heart somepoint that I say that you could not agree with, bereason I am a slightly picky reader.I studied critical analysis, so my reviews will touch on the topics of the novel, as well as the style.

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In your researches, please include:

Name of your novelYour nameA summary of your novelThe genre that your novel is composed inWright here the book deserve to be uncovered (Goodreads, for example) and wright here it have the right to be bought (Amazon, for example)

What I will certainly not accept:

FanfictionUnfinimelted worksNon-fiction (i.e. Self-help)EssaysQuick StoriesHeavily religious novels

I want to be honest about my endure analysis your novel, so I desire a finimelted, edited copy to review!

Period Groups I Am Accepting:

-New Adult (18-25)

-Young Adult (13+)

-Young Readers (9-12)

-Adult (25+)

Genres I am accepting:







-Science Fiction


By the means, congratulations on your novel!

You can send your novels or contact me here: confessionsofabookaddict <
> gmail dot com (spaces added as to prevent spam).

For Publishers:

My name is Dayla FM and also I live in Canada.

My email resolve is: confessionsofabookaddictgmailcom

My website attach is:

I am a book blogger and also I evaluation for my blog, publishers, publicists, and also self-published authors. I am a Goodreads librarian, and also I additionally add my reviews to Goodreads.

On Goodreads I have approximately:

1039 reviews

1,746 friends

My blog has:

Approximately 50,370 followers

My Twitter account: 1,250 followers—

The reviews I’ve posted on my blog deserve to be perceived here: A-C, D-H, I-M, N-Z

I’ve also organized various author interviews in the past. You deserve to uncover web links to my previous interviews here:

I have created reviews in the previous for self-published authors and for authors that have actually contacted me through their agents. I promote new and upcoming books by doing book blitzes, blog tours, giveaways, and also book cover reveals.

I have actually an Hon. Bachelor’s Degree from York University in English and also Creative Writing.

I plan on making professional reviewing my future occupation and would certainly be honoured to review upcoming and also already publiburned publications. I love reflecting young readers the prominence of reading, and also hope to sooner or later affect those that have actually yet to discover a great book to check out.