Bold in math mode latex

In math, a letter, say, g, deserve to stand also for a scalar, while a letter in bold, e.g., g represents a vector.

Here is my question:

How deserve to one revolve the letter right into bold in the math mode?

For example, just how deserve to I rotate g below right into bold?

$$- abla p+mu abla^2u+gdelta(x-x_0)=0 $$



Using the bm package. The mathbf command also have the right to just be supplied for non-italic icons, rather the amsmath package specifies the oldsymbol command also that can be provided with eextremely literal symbol or math operator. The bm package respecifies the oldsymbol command also offering the m command also and is independent from amsmath. So you deserve to use:

documentclassarticleusepackageamsmathusepackagebmegindocument< oldsymbolg qquad mg >enddocument




An update: if you use unicode-math, it provides symbfup and also symbfit regulates for bold upappropriate and italic letters, respectively. Tbelow are similar bold sans-serif, calligraphic and manuscript alphabets. There are additionally mathbfup and also mathbfit regulates, intfinished for whole words in math mode, but I’ve honestly never before had cause to usage them. Finally, traditional math commands are supported for backward-compatibility.

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The oldsymbol command still functions, including for icons other than letters, if you fill one of the math fonts that comes in bold (such as XITS Math) or if you declare a bold math font with setmathfont. This have the right to be a FakeBold variation of the math font, for circumstances,

setmathfontNewCMMath-RegularsetmathfontNewCMMath-Regular.otf< version=bold, FakeBold = 1.2 >It can likewise be valuable to add fseriesoldmath to your header formatting, to make your math complement the weight of the message.

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The one disadvantage of this is that, as of 2021, you cannot use version= and range= together. Your bold symbol font will only occupational if you perform not mix-and-enhance different math fonts through range=.

If you stick to heritage math fonts, isomath adds a bold italic mathbfit alphabet, and optionally bold sans-serif math alphabets for tensors. The mathalpha package adds bold versions of numerous other math alphabets, such as a hefty blackboard bold and a bold calligraphic.