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An extremely entertaining, yet poignant journey right into the people of rock and also roll with the womale that "damaged the many hearts in music"...

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Bobbie on the “Cherry Pie” video collection through Warrant

Bobbie really allows it all out in a no-holds-barred fashion in Dirty Rocker Boys, which she co-created via Caroline Ryder. The book chronicles her journey from an awkward Louisiana tomboy to a Hollylumber party pet and the object of many kind of people’s desires. Thunstable the depths of drugs addiction, lovers, shed loves and also stalkers, Bobbie occasionally stumbled, but eventually seems to have actually discovered some feeling of peace in permitting herself to feel, treatment and take life at a tiny little of a slower pace.

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The book is brutally honest and she really opens up herself as much as the many judgmental world approximately that are quick to jump on their soap boxes and also preach. I don’t think she provides a damn. I think it’s all a component of the healing process and finding peace within herself, which Bobbie appears to have done. But, wow does she have some awesome stories to tell along the means of obtaining there!

Bobbie’s not shy about her drug usage of multiple substances consisting of a severe addiction with crystal meth. She’s also exceptionally open up about the many type of famous males that she has actually either partied via or been connected via including: Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe, Jani Lane of Warrant (to whom Bobby was married), Kevin Costner, Leonarexecute DiCaprio and others. It’s an eye opener to hear her stories of males nearly attacking her prefer piranha on raw meat whenever they observed her alone. It’s as if they were vultures just circling and waiting for their opportunity. It also seemed that a lot rockers were extremely insecure around themselves, which they projected onto the women in their lives. Although at the end of the day, from what Bobbie wrote, it sounds favor the majority of them were just downbest paranoid that one of their friends was going to stab them in the ago and go after their woguy, which brought about the majority of grief.

previous decade: Athena Lee (ex of Scorpions drummer James Kottak & likewise sister of Tommy Lee), Sharise Neil (ex of Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe) and Susan “Blue” Dixon (ex of Jerry Dixon from Warrant). Bobbie also has a “normal job” working as an assistant at a pet talent firm now. (Keep in mind to self: start training my cat to carry out exceptional tricks)

Overall, Dirty Rocker Boys is an excellent review and a real eye-opener to the road that the music scene can occasionally lead you dvery own. I think a lot of human being thought the life that she was living was all glamorous, through champagne and also caviar – and also it was, but not always. It’s been far from a fairy tale for Bobbie Brvery own. Tbelow has been rather a little bit of pain from her beforehand childhood ideal up until the current years. But, thankcompletely Bobbie is in a much different location currently and I think it’s a much better place for her. Bobbie is a survivor; all that she’s been with has actually made her stronger and also a lot more at peace through that she is. Oh yes…and also she’s still that gorgeous girl from those videos via that exact same sense of determination too, but much wiser.

By: Johnny Price, Managing Senior Journalist 

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