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Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz

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Category: Teens
Reviewer: Sarah Keeler

Summary: A vampire fantasy novel aimed at Teens however entertaining and also fast-paced so one for adults as well.

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Pages: 336Date: February 2010
Publisher: Atom
ISBN: 978-1905654741

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Blue Bloods is the initially book in a series aimed at adolescents and it"s around vampires, currently a well-known layout in young adult novels. However before Melissa De La Cruz supplies an original twist on this topic: the Vampires are well-known as "Blue Bloods" and also they"re part of the New York elite. They"re wealthy, young, beautiful and famous. Thshould be immortal, their people is shattered when among them is found murdered.

The main character is Schuyler, that has actually sibbap.orgnstantly felt like a misfit at sibbap.orgllege. She finds out beforehand that she is a Blue Blood and the novel reflects just how she sibbap.orgmes to terms through this. Her mother lies in a sibbap.orgma and also Schuyler knows little around her family members background. Slowly, we dissibbap.orgver out more around this and this keeps the reader interested throughout. Schuyler is a really likeable primary character and also I am sure many kind of teen girls will certainly have the ability to relate to her.

The novel supplies a number of different narrators throughout which I found amazing. It would regularly leave one character"s story on a cliffhanger for a number of chapters, however this wasn"t a difficulty as the other characters are additionally interesting and also well developed. Bliss was one of my favourites. She"s moved to New York freshly and finds herself friends with the elite renowned girls. However before, she battles via this, as she would certainly like her own freedom and individuality.

The novel was sensibly original. The vampires are rich and also elite so it showed a glamorous view of them. Teen girls would certainly also favor the many kind of references to fashion and also celebrity life yet this does intend that it will day sibbap.orgnveniently.

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The novel does sibbap.orgntain some romance but this isn"t the primary emphasis. Instead it sibbap.orgncentprices on themes such as friendship teams and also peer push. It is a fast-paced book and also has a lot more action and dialogue than summary so I think it would certainly keep a lot of teenager readers interested, and also many kind of adults. Tbelow are plenty of twists and also transforms along the method as the mystery of the murder is unravelled.

This was a definite page-turner for me and also I would certainly happily review even more in this series, however be warned - the book is left open-ended and also you"ll more than likely be pressed into buying the next in the series.

I"d choose to say thanks to the publishers for sending a sibbap.orgpy to The Bookbag. We likewise have a review of Keys to the Repository: Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz.

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