Black Headed Python For Sale

Aspidites melanocephalus, generally recognized as the black-headed python, is broadly distributed throughout the northern third of Australia, extending from eastern to west throughout the continent, including a majority of the Northern Territory, the northern latitudes of Queensland and also the north third of Western Australia.One look at this gorgeous snake and you’ll recognize just how it came by its prevalent name; it shows up to have actually been dipped head-first into babsence ink. The babsence head and also jaws are long, through a head not a lot bigger than the neck—a feature, together with the python’s strengthened rostral location, that provides this species well suited for burrowing. The eyes are babsence, and the scalation is smooth and glossy.

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Jessica Johnson

One look at the black-headed python and also you’ll understand exactly how it came by its common name; it appears to have been dipped head-initially right into babsence ink.

While a cream base shade via brvery own to reddish stripes on the body is typical, the coloration of black-headed pythons have the right to vary extensively depending on a snake’s age and geographic place. For instance, Western Australian specimens are much lighter in shade, via reddish overtones, than those uncovered in the Northern Territory and Queensland also, which have darker, more intense stripes. Older specimens tfinish to be paler via less-distinctive markings. Tbelow might also be little blotches between the stripes alengthy the sides of some specimens, and also the venter can selection from white to pink, but have the right to also exhibit dark spots similar to those alengthy the dorsum.

Black-headed Python Availcapability in the Pet Trade

Due to captive-breeding efforts, black-headed pythons are even more commonly obtainable in the pet trade now than in years past. Aspidites melanocephalus is not a straightforward species to breed, and availability counts on the luck and also attention to detail of the breeders. No matter exactly how long someone has actually been breeding them, success is still frequently a matter of luck.


jessica johnson

The writer pdescribes never before touch her black-headed pythons once she is feeding them.

Good-high quality black-headed pythons are not cheap, and if you discover some that are, be leery. Almethods attempt to buy from a trustworthy breeder who is willing to aid you. I would rather spfinish time through potential buyers, explaining what is necessary in order for them to appropriately treatment for their new pet, than to have someone purchase a baby python from me and also have somepoint happen to it. I additionally recommfinish purchasing from breeders who can provide feeding documents and also photos of the parents of the snake you might be reasoning around buying.

The IdealBlack-headed Python Enclosure

I highly recommend versus housing black-headed pythons together unless you’re reproduction them, as black-headed pythons carry out have cannibalistic tendencies. Adult black-headed pythons array from 5 to 10 feet in length; mine average 6 to 8 feet, through males primarily smaller sized than the females by a foot. Since of their large adult dimension, black-headed pythons are ideal preserved in big, escape-proof enclosures. I usage Freedom Breeder racks and Vision ceras. An enclocertain measuring 72 inches long by 28 inches wide and also 16 inches tall functions well for a solitary black-headed python. For reproduction pairs, I use enclosures that are a bit larger and taller (72 inches long by 36 inches wide and 18 inches tall).

For substprice, I use coconut bark (periodically aspen chips), which I mist every day in order to preserve humidity. Black-headed pythons love to be misted. A water bowl is likewise offered for them to drink from.


jessica johnson

While a cream base color through brvery own to reddish stripes on the body is typical, coloration can differ broadly relying on age and geographic place. Western Australian specimens are a lot lighter in shade, through reddish overtones, than those uncovered in the Northern Territory and also Queensland, which have actually darker, more intense stripes.

Large, moist hides are offered for both my male and also female black-headed pythons (for whom the hides might double as nesting boxes). These provide defense and also an chance for the snakes to burrow. I have used various kinds, including a plastic tote measuring 18 by 12 by 10 inches, through a round hole reduced in its lid. I’ve likewise provided kitty litter pans measuring 18½ by 15¼ by 5¾ inches. Inside each box I location a 70/30 mixture of moist Eco Planet or Bed-A-Beastern and also reptile sand also.

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Black-headed Python Care Sheet

It is important to have at leastern one hide to provide defense to the snake, and the moist substrate inside will certainly aid in shedding. Place it in the hotspot at one end of the enclosure; location one more at the cool finish if there’s room to do so. Be certain to keep the substrate inside the hides moist, but not soaking wet. The goal is to provide protection that will certainly result in a happy and also content snake. Because of the moist hides, my snakes execute not soak in their water bowls.Black-headed pythons must be maintained heat and also might endure respiratory infections if they are maintained at temperatures that are as well cool. I use warmth tape to administer a temperature gradient, via the cool finish of the enclosure retained at about 82 levels Fahrenheit. A 95-level hotspot is preserved at the warmer end of the enclocertain using a basking light that is maintained on for about eight hrs a day. At night I turn off the basking light.

What to Feed Black-headed Pythons

In the wild, black-headed pythons prey on other reptiles, particularly skinks, and various species of geckos, bearded dragons, legless lizards and also tiny snakes, consisting of some venomous species (black-headed pythons are impervious to the venom discovered in even the most toxic Australian snakes). Consumption of mammals and also birds is supposedly rare in nature, yet does take place.


Jessica Johnson

Older specimens tend to be paler with less-distinctive marqueens. There may also be tiny blotches in between the stripes alengthy the sides of some specimens.

In my endure, captive black-headed pythons will certainly typically accept rodents. I feed my adults small- to medium-sized rats eexceptionally seven to 10 days. Males are fed a little much less than the females-four to five rats for males; 5 to 6 for females. Feeding several smaller sized food items is much better than one huge meal, and I execute not offer adult rats, as a result of the black-headed python’s narrowhead head and also neck. I feed just frozen/thawed rats, too, bereason it is safer for the snakes and, based upon personal experience, I think black-headed pythons that are fed live prey can exhibit even more aggressive tendencies. Hatchlings are given frozen/thawed pinkie rats.

I area food items on a document plate at the oppowebsite end of the cage to wright here the snake is, and also leave it alone to eat in tranquility. I constantly feed my snakes while they’re inside their cperiods, as I carry out not desire any snake to expect food while it is being taken on outside of its enclosure. When I feed them, I never before touch them.

Breeding Black-headed Pythons

First, I recommend that once attempting to breed black-headed pythons, you begin out through pets that are cshed to the exact same size. I have actually excellent luck if I wait until the snakes are around 4 years old (though I have bred males that were 2½). I’ve oboffered that as the snakes prosper larger, so carry out their clutch sizes. This does not intend, yet, that animals should be overfed to attain larger sizes much faster. Overfeeding causes health and wellness difficulties and a shorter life expectancy. I likewise carry out not breed my females yearly. If they properly breed 3 years in a row, I give them a year off to recover.

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Jessica Johnson

Due to captive- reproduction efforts, black-headed pythons are even more commonly obtainable in the pet profession now than in years past. Aspidites melanocephalus is not an easy species to breed, and also availability counts on the luck and also attention to information of the breeders.

I soptimal feeding my black-headed pythons about the middle of October. (After speaking through other breeders functioning through this wonderful snake, and depending upon wright here they are situated, I found that they breed their black-headed pythons two to 3 months later than I breed mine bereason of climate distinctions. So your process for cycling the snakes for reproduction may depend on where you live.) I store them heated at the abovementioned temperatures for 3 weeks after their last feeding in order to completely clean out their digestive tracts. It’s very important to perform this; you definitely perform not desire to cool them while they still have food in their digestive tracts.

After 3 weeks I revolve off the warmth tape and cool them down to 68 to 70 levels at night. During the day I raise the enclosure temperature to 78 to 80 degrees for 10 hrs, and also the hotspot continues to be at 95 levels in the time of the day, also.

After another three weeks I lower the nighttime temperature a couple of even more levels and also present male black-headed pythons to the females. I have bred different males to the same female, and also one male to one female, and also have actually accomplished the very same outcomes. Sometimes a male is not interested in a female. If this happens, he is removed and also reput with another male. Due to the fact that male black-headed pythons will fight over females, placing a shed from another male in the cage through a pair will certainly occasionally stimulate courtship activity from the male.


The writer incubates black-headed python eggs in a plastic sweater box with holes drilled right into the sides to provide ventilation. This box goes inside the incubator. Batting (the exact same material supplied for quilting) is provided for an incubation substprice and a plastic grating reduced to fit inside the egg box is placed over the batting. The eggs remainder on height of the plastic gprice.

A male black-headed python reflects interest in a female by crawling alengthy her earlier and tickling her via his spurs (little claw-choose projections situated near the male’s vent). If the female is receptive, copulation will quickly take location.

I keep breeding black-headed python pairs together till ovulation has actually taken area. Although tbelow is no reputable means to tell once this has actually developed, an excellent ascendancy of thumb is to remove the male as soon as he no longer reflects interemainder in the female. If effective ovulation has developed, eggs will be laid roughly 60 days later on.

Female black-headed pythons normally lay 6 to 20 eggs about 30 days after a post-ovulation burned. Do not remove the eggs for incubation until you’re sure she has finiburned laying all of them. When removing the eggs, don’t revolve them; store the egg orientation the same. Placing a tiny X on top of each egg deserve to aid you to protect against rotating them in the time of removal to the incubation.

Jessica Johnson

Successful black-headed python egg incubation concludes once the baby pythons pip after 58 to 65 days. This is the minute all breeders anxiously await.

I incubate my black-headed python eggs in a plastic sweater box via holes drilled right into the sides to administer some ventilation. This box goes inside the incubator. I use batting (the exact same product provided for quilting) for an incubation substrate, put on optimal of plastic grating cut to fit inside the egg box. The eggs are location on height of the batting so they perform not touch the bottom of the egg box. Humidity is kept inside the egg box at 70 to 80 percent. I use a Snake Shack incubator and incubate the eggs at 87 to 89 degrees. A little, shpermit bowl of water is inserted on the bottom of the incubator, and also a tiny fan distributes the humidity evenly.

It is a good idea to collection your incubator up prior to the eggs arrive. Set it up, run it and also inspect the temperatures day and also night. Depfinishing on where you live, placing a blanket over the ago of the incubator might assist maintain constant temperatures. I use a Helix thermostat, because having actually an excellent thermostat is vital to successfully hatching black-headed python eggs.


Tbelow is nothing better then seeing little bit babsence heads pop out of your eggs!

I constantly have a back-up incubator all set, also, just in instance. You never before know once something can happen. All the incubators I’ve offered had actually glass doors or home windows, making it easy to peek inside them without having actually to open up them and let the warm air out. These additionally come in handy as the hatching day gets cshed, in case you have a baby that hatches out previously than all the others. I have the right to guarantee that will make your day if it happens!

I check daily for moisture on the inside of the egg box lid, which I wipe ameans so that it does not drip on the eggs. Although the eggs need humidity in order to hatch, if they come into direct call with damp substrate they will certainly obtain moldy and go bad within a couple of days. Preventing this is among the a lot of necessary and also challenging points you will encounter once trying to breed black-headed pythons successfully.

Successful incubation concludes through black-headed python eggs pipping after 58 to 65 days. There is nothing better then seeing bit babsence heads pop out of your eggs! Hatchlings can be retained a lot the exact same way as formerly explained for adults. I home my babies in drawers within a rack enclosure, with each drawer measuring 12 inches lengthy by 6 inches wide by 3 inches tall. A water bowl and hide are also offered for each baby snake.

Like any kind of animals you might save, correct time and also attention should be devoted to the beautiful black-headed python in order to maintain it properly in captivity. This snake is among the many exceptional pythons roughly, and also I feel honored to be able to keep and also breed such an elegant pet.

Jessica Johnchild lugged her first snake-a red-tailed boa-home at age 17. For the past 15-plus years, she has actually maintained a huge variety of snakes and also various other reptiles, and has been breeding black-headed pythons and womas for even more than 10 years. She additionally maintains a large range of dwarf reticulated pythons and also carpet pythons. Learn even more around her reticulated python breeding at, and visit her on Facebook at