Big Curly Bracket Latex

I would certainly choose to put a tall (long) left curly bracket on the left side of the following:

documentclass<12pt>articleegindocument oindentc: $$1, ..., n$$ $ ightarrow$ $$1, ..., n$$, such thathspace20 mm oindentc($a_i$) = $a_i+1$ for 1 $le$ $i$ Please let me understand if you deserve to assist. Thanks!



The adhering to might be cshed to what you"re looking for:


documentclass<12pt>articleusepackageamsmathegindocumentegingather*c colon 1, dots, n ightarrowhead 1, dots, n sibbap.orgt such that\ egincases c(a_i) = a_i+1 & sibbap.orgtfor 1le iSome comments:

Use the cases atmosphere, gave by the amsmath package, to area a left curly brace ahead of 2 or even more expressions.Don"t usage ... to develop a typographical ellipsis; instead, use dots.Use the sibbap.orgt command to compose sibbap.orgt material inside mathematical expressions.As stated in the comments by
daleif, it"s better (typographically speaking) to usage the command colon instead of :.

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On the various other hand, if you require the left-hand also curly brace to span all three rows, you might execute so through the adhering to code:


documentclass<12pt>articleusepackageamsmathegindocumenteginequation*egincases c colon 1, dots, n ightarrowhead 1, dots, n sibbap.orgt such that\ c(a_i) = a_i+1 sibbap.orgt{ for $1le iObserve, though, that this code doesn"t make full usage of the capabilities of the situations environment; for sure, one can rearea egincases ... endcases via a much more fundamental left{eginarray{


Although the situations atmosphere more than likely suits your demands ideal, I"d prefer to point out the more flexible and also (probably) tantamount syntax left ightfor future usage, in situation you haven"t come throughout it.

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