Between you and me book review

First of all, I need to say happy release day to Susan Wiggs! Between You and Me is out today, and also lucky me, it’s touring LQ today!

Susan Wiggs is a best-offering romance author through over 40 published novels. I found her as soon as I read and reperceived Family Tree earlier in January, additionally on a book tour. Although I’m not a huge fan of your typical fluffy romance novel, I discovered Wiggs’ composing and also story to have actually a little even more sustenance to it, making it a better fit for me. Also, Family Tree was collection in maple sugar nation in Vermont, and it was so idyllic, I just wanted to fill up and move tright here.

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But this is a evaluation of Between You and Me, so let’s obtain to that! This one is all about family members, love (of course), and stark distinctions in between one world and also one more. We follow Reese, a med student, as she struggles to decide which direction her life need to go in, and as she meets a household that will certainly end up affecting her life and her decision in huge methods. At the very same time, we satisfy Caleb, that is living in an Amish neighborhood and practicing that lifestyle, yet doesn’t share the idea mechanism. He’s just tright here for the sake of his niece and nephew, who he cares for and acts as guardian for.

A terrible accident brings Caleb and also his family into Reese’s people at the hospital, and that’s when life gets complicated, yet impressive, overall.

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My Thoughts

Between You and also Me had actually the sustenance I need to gain a girly, romantic read. Sure, it’s additionally gained fluff and also those oh-so-perfect methods things occur periodically, but that’s really what a romance novel is. This novel goes deep right into some pretty hard family situations, which I think Wiggs tackles via good understanding and empathy.

I likewise appreciated obtaining the points of check out from several different characters in this novel. Instead of an extra typical female-protagonist-lead narrative, we obtained some male insight, too, and also it’s not just on the romance bits. I really preferred the balance of this novel between the romance and also the rest of the plot.

Overall, I recommfinish this one. It’s a pretty quick and also basic review, hits you in all the best romantic heart spots, and also has an amazing story about family members and secrets that’s layered amongst the romance. If you’re choose me and also you favor your romance novels to have actually some good substance, this is one you’ll gain. This is a solid 3.5 stars from me!


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About Susan Wiggs

Susan Wiggs is the author of many kind of beloved bestsellers, consisting of the popular Lakeshore Chronicles series. She has actually won many type of awards for her job-related, consisting of a RITA from Romance Writers of America. Visit her webwebsite at