I am in search of an HVLP sprayer to spray latex paint on MDF cabinets. I will certainly the majority of most likely usage a high gloss paint. I will a lot of most likely not be using it for anypoint besides furniture.I do not desire to spend more than $400.00. That indicates I require a system without a compressor. I check out some of the Gracko sprayers acquire high reviews. I additionally witnessed in a recent post that members liked the Fuji.

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HVLP systems are NOT excellent at spraying latex paint, also the multi phase ones battle at it. I have an excellent 4-stage turbine mechanism and have tried paint. It functions Ok but exceptionally extremely slow. You need to look at different units if your major purpose is spraying (thick) materials choose paint.

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HVLP and also Latex are not synonymous. You might have a opportunity via a huge erected but probably not. Look for an airmuch less outfit for latex.
Look at the QualSpray AM Series available by Homestead Finishing: Call Jeff to talk about your specific requirements and I bet you"ll be happy through his recommendation.John
The Graco Proshot offers, in my opinion, a great choice for the hobbiest. I have actually had actually a $1000+ airless setup and I feel the finish is just as great. It is worth the investment to acquire a bigger cup though if you are spraying cabinets. I"ve sprayed a couple of pieces of furniture and am incredibly pleased.
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Water borne commodities on mdf call for a solvent undercoat. High gloss mirrors even more imperfections while a low priced spray device rises the probability of problemsFor cabinets I use a water based lacquer rather than latex paint. A much harder surface, much faster cure time (most are stacking dry in less than an hour) and have actually a viscosity that deserve to be sprayed via HVLP. Higher high quality (even more expensive) coatings tend to be more forproviding
Agree via the over about better peak coats accessible......A slight tangent to OP,at least exactly how I view his direction,that is....wanting to not usage a comp.;The few times for whatever before reason,we shot "Latex"(home paint)on cabinets,simply provided a cheapie HF,2.2 gun through comp.These are designed for shooting body filler/primer,on auto"s throughout go-quick collision occupational.They"ll just around shoot drywall compound,haha.Technical difficulties,when operated,the finish(Latex),is pretty dang great.At least from a visual criteria.And aobtain,get it right....and it does a particularly good project on the doors edges.Contrasted to lacquer,it"s probably 10 times even more hard to get it decent,as a whole however from a skillcollection standsuggest.Good luck,it is a tiny daunting because of all the selections.
I do not think your sprayer exists. Good quality qualified of laying dvery own latex high gloss....not likely. And not a compressor convariation gun? So you need a generator unit? Maybe a 4 phase, yet that"s well over $1k entry level. I"d be looking at changing coatings. Latex is even more of a wall and trim brush on or rolled coating and many are formulated as such. An airmuch less is designed to relocate it, but you will certainly spfinish more time cleaning up than spraying unless your volume is huge, and the sub $400 units may not give the high gloss surconfront justice. Consider somepoint like target coatings or ML Campbell aqualente, or general finishes pigmented acrylic lacquer. All deserve to be tinted to many well-known latex colors you might desire, all are designed to be sprayed as formulated, you gain a tougher coating that will certainly technique a actual AA furniture grade coating.