Best Ap Spanish Review Book

Spanish is the second most widespread language spoken in the USA, through about 52 million speakers. Taking an AP Spanish course is an excellent method of enhancing your mastery of this language and also preparing for speaking Spanish in a expert establishing.

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The AP Spanish exam will certainly test your proficiency in Spanish. The content of the exam is different from one year to the following, but the AP Spanish exam constantly adheres to the same structure and also supplies preidentified question types.

The finest AP Spanish prep books teach you the Spanish language and test-taking tips specifically for this exam. Here are some of the ideal publications to assist prepare for this AP exam.

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Best AP Spanish Language and also Culture Prep Publication ReviewsFrequently Asked Questions

Best AP Spanish Language and Culture Prep Publication Reviews

Ace your AP Spanish exam via these 6 prep books.

1. AP Spanish Language and Culture Premium: With 5 Practice Tests

This 10th edition of Barron’s AP Spanish prep books offers you the language, culture, and test-taking tips to get a 5 on your exam.


TEMAS AP Spanish Language and Culture

The Temas AP Spanish language prep book takes you through these 6 various themes:

Families and communitiesScience and technologyBeauty and also aestheticsPersonal and public identitiesGlobal challengesContemporary life

You will get a vast knowledge of Spanish culture. But Temas hasn’t neglected the Spanish language. You can exercise your language abilities online through accessibility to the Student Supersite.

The Student Superwebsite gives you through extra material prefer interactive grammar exercise and also audio for listening understanding. The assessments are additionally easily accessible virtual. The Supersite is iPad friendly as well.

You’ll find auto-graded assignments digital so that you don’t have to spfinish time doing it yourself. The book likewise provides you tactics to help break dvery own and also understand also the content. There’s additionally the ability to conserve particular words you have actually trouble with to revisit them later on.

This prep book covers everything you should prepare for the AP Spanish exam. The only downside is that it’s rather expensive to buy brand-new. Buying it supplied might not provide you the ability to access the necessary digital products. It will be worth the investment if you have the right to afford it, though.

ProsIn-depth coverage of Spanish culture and languagePlenty of online product to facilitate learningiPad-compatible student finding out websiteConsRather expensive to buy newBecause you require its online material, you can’t buy used


Publisher: Vista Higher LearningYear: 2019Number of Pages: 502Our Final Grade: B-

6. The Ultimate Guide AP Spanish Literature and Culture Prep Book 2020

Don’t let the title fool you — you need to continue to be ameans from this book.

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Yes, this is a list of the ideal AP Spanish prep publications. But we felt it crucial to comment on a message that looks choose it might be great however actually isn’t — The Ultimate Guide AP Spanish Literature and also Culture Prep Publication 2020.

At initially glance, this book can have actually every little thing you want: it’s tailored to the AP exam, it’s cheap to buy brand-new, you can easily buy it digital. But that’s around where the positives stop.

Firstly, it’s not also tailored to the AP exam. It’s better suited for an Overview to Spanish course because of the words it introduces.

And this book only provides you a bunch of flashcards. There’s exceptionally little created product explaining Spanish culture or exactly how to string together a sentence. Tright here are no test-taking tips or practice exams to take. The flashcards aren’t even that well made.

If you desire to examine vocabulary, then this book is for you. Otherwise, it won’t help you on the AP Spanish exam.

ProsLots of flashcardsCheapRecently publishedConsDoesn’t prepare you for the AP ExamNothing but flashcardsMisleading titleNo practice exams or test-taking tips


Publisher: College Test CenterYear: 2019Number of Pages: 77Our Final Grade: F

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some things to recognize about the AP Spanish exam.

How Long Is the AP Spanish Exam?

According to the College Board, the exam lasts a tiny over three hrs.

What Does the Exam Entail?

Here are the different sections you’ll uncover on the exam:

40-minute multiple choice section via 30 questions (23% of your score).55-minute multiple choice via audio area through 35 inquiries (27% of your score).Free response composed area lasting 1h10 through two questions (25% of your score).18-minute complimentary response spoken section with two concerns (25% of your score).

What Will I Need on Exam Day?

Use this checklist to make certain you have all the items you need on exam day:

No. 2 pencils for the multiple-alternative answer sheet.Pens through blue or black ink for the free-response percent.A government-issued ID or school-issued ID if you don’t attfinish the college where the exam takes area.If you require trial and error accommodations, your College Board SSD Accommodations letter.


Learning Spanish might be challenging for a non-native Spanish speaker. That’s why we recommfinish Barron’s AP Spanish Language and also Culture prep book. It will certainly not only teach you the language and culture yet carry out you via plenty of test-taking tips to gain a five on the AP exam.