Beautiful Creatures Book Review

Beautiful CreaturesAuthor – Kami Garcia and also Margaret StohlPublisher – Little, Brvery own and Company.Pperiods – 592Release Date – first December 2009Style – ebook, paperback, hardcover, audioReviewer – StaceyContains Affiliate Links


Lena Duchannes is unlike anyone the tiny Southern tvery own of Gatlin has actually ever checked out, and also she’s struggling to conceal her power, and also a curse that has actually haunted her family for generations. But even within the overgrvery own gardens, murky swamps and also crumbling graveyards of the forobtained South, a secret cannot remain surprise forever.

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Ethan Wate, who has actually been counting the months until he have the right to escape from Gatlin, is haunted by desires of a beautiful girl he has actually never before met. When Lena moves into the town’s earliest and most inwell known plantation, Ethan is inexplicably attracted to her and also identified to uncover the connection in between them.

In a tvery own through no surprises, one trick might change everything.


Lena Duschannes is a Caster (Comparable to a witch), who is living through her Uncle Macon Ravenlumber in Gatlin, South Carolina.

Ethan Wate is simply an normal teenager living in Gatlin via his writer dad. His dad has been hiding ameans in his office since his wife, Ethan’s mum, died. Leaving the house keeper Amma to look after the Ethan. Amma is likewise a Seer.

At the begin of the book we discover out that Ethan keeps on having a recurring dream in which there is a girl he has actually never before met. Then Lena starts at the institution Ethan athas a tendency and also he is conveniently attracted to her and also realises that she is the girl from his desires.

Wanting to discover out more about Lena Ethan tries to befrifinish her yet she pushes him ameans. Over the course of the first few chapters we feel Ethan’s pain as he desperately tries to gain Lena to trust him, for him it was love at initially sight and also he wants Lena to feel the very same.

Lena is persuaded though that on her 16th birthday, the day she will be declared either a light or a dark caster, that she will rotate to the dark side and also tries to block Ethan from her life.

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Lena is a mixed up young girl that pushes everyone ameans as she doesn’t want anyone to acquire hurt if the dark consumes her. She has actually a solid personality, however we additionally obtain to view a softer, delicate side to her.

Ethan comes across as a bit of a love sick puppy that adheres to Lena all over and can’t obtain her out of his head.

Ridley, Lena’s Siren cousin, although a dark caster that have the right to make anyone carry out anything through the lick of her lollipop, has actually a witty, fun personality that even as soon as she is causing trouble you can’t help prefer her.

There are the majority of solid characters in the book, yet they don’t over power each other. They all have actually their very own traits and also are distinguimelted from one another and also each play an essential duty in the story.

The book is around self exploration for both Lena and also Ethan and around discovering to face your fears head on, and to trust world particularly those that love you.

From Chapter One appropriate to the end of the book, it was explosive and retained me gripped and also absorbed in the life of Lena and also a people wbelow humans and casters live side by side. The story is captivating and also will certainly have actually you immerses right into a people wbelow magic is real.

The book plays with your creativity, and also creates a world we know isn’t genuine however yet can visualise it just as vividly. I was preserved on my toes throughout the whole book and the finishing, which I didn’t see coming, had me downloading book 2 right ameans as I necessary to understand what taken place next.

There is additionally a spin off series to Beautiful Creatures, with books one and also two having been reregarded on the blog already. Dangerous Creatures and also Dangerous Deception.