Ball python pink underbelly

Hi long time lurker, first time poster. I concerned you today with a stupid question.

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So, 2 days back my 1900 gram female ate her first meal (yay). Today, I pulled her out for a small while and noticed that her belly is pink. I know that this is often a authorize of shedding comparable to blue eyes, but her eyes aren't blue. She does look kind of dull though.

So my question is, what are the opportunities that my herpstat set to 91 maloperated, and that the just snake in the rack that got burnt was my significant female ? It can't be a burn, it have to simply be her shedding ideal ?

She last burned around 1-2 months earlier, I didn't log it as I was going with a move at the time. It was an infinish burned, yet she acquired the first half of her body out, and also the remainder slid off after a 5 minute soak.


The pink belly comes prior to the eyes in shedding.

I wouldn't worry~ I highly doubt a herpstat would certainly malattribute choose that.

Thanks. I know it's stupid, however I problem around every little bit thing about them. They don't show you if anypoint is wrong, so I feel incredibly responsible for them.

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I also just switch thermometers and also this one doesn't document max/min, with my old ones I would've simply been able to look at the max and dominance out a burn.

Thanks aacquire for easing my mind.

Pink bellies will precede them going opaque, and I've noticed it goes away about the time they go opaque. My boa constrictor has varying shades of pink and also bappropriate red each time he goes into shed. I'd say it's a melted, yet being 1900 grams she's more than likely an older snake so a burned after 1-2 months is unusual. My 8 year probably sheds maybe 3 times a year. You did say she had actually a bad melted, so perhaps she's shedding so easily because of a readjust in husbandry, being put in a far better state of care normally sparks a quick succession of sheds.

If it's an also pinkness, all down her belly it's probably a burned. Normally burns are accompanied by blisters, and also it turns brown after a couple of days.

It's not roughly her face and also neck area, yet her entirety body where she gets thick. It doesn't look blistered, she does obtain these little dents on her belly from the tub, it's a sterilite tub so it's ridged on the inside. Nothing that looks brown or blistery, just pink. She's a 2011 girl. Her belly looks entirely normal, except it's a tiny pink. It actually looks quite pretty, not brvery own and also nasty prefer images i check out of belly rot or burns.