In March of 1965, Naval Lieutenant Philip J.

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Caputo landed at Da Nang via the first ground combat unit deployed to Vietnam. Sixteenager months later on, having offered on the line in one of modern history’s ugliest wars, he reverted home—physically whole yet emotionally wasted, his youthful idealism forever before gone.


A Rumor of War is even more than one soldier’s story. Upon its publication in 1977, it shattered America’s indifference to the fate of the males sent to fight in the jungles of Vietnam. In the years because then, it has actually end up being not just a straightforward text on the Vietnam War however likewise a renowned timeless in the literary works of battles throughout history and also, as Caputo defines, of “the things men do in war and the points battle does to guys.”

A Rumor of War is featured in “The Vietnam War,” the ambitious 10-component documentary series by Ken Burns and also Lynn Novick, airing on PBS beginning on September 17, 2017. View the 30-minute preview.







“To contact it the finest book about Vietnam is to trivialize it . . . A Rumor of War is a dangerous and also even subversive book, the first to insist—and also the insistence is all the more effective because it is implicit—that the reader ask himself these questions: How would I have actually acted? To what lengths would I have gone to survive? The feeling of self is attacked, get rid of, subverted, leaving the reader to contemplate the deadening possibility that his very own moral security net can have actually a hole in it.

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It is a terrifying assumed, and A Rumor of War is a terrifying book.”—John Gregory Dunne, Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Caputo’s troubled, browsing meditations on the love and also hate of battle, on fear, and the ambivalent discord warfare have the right to create in the hearts of decent guys, are among the most eloquent I have read in modern literature.” —William Styron, The New York Rewatch of Books

“Eincredibly war appears to find its very own voice: Caputo . . . is an eloquent spokesman for all we lost in Vietnam.” —C. D. B. Bryan, Saturday Review

“A book that should be check out and also reread—if for no various other reason than as an eloquent statement against battle. It is a superb book.” —Terry Anderboy, Denver Post

“This is news that goes beyond what the journalists brought us, news from the heart of darkness. It was long overdue.” —Newsweek

“Not given that Siegfried Sassoon’s timeless of World War I, Memoirs of an Infanattempt Officer, has actually there been a battle memoir so obviously true, and also so disturbingly hocolony.” —William Broyles, Texas Monthly