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Wbelow The Paris Wife meets Moulin Rouge, A Paris Apartment is a wealthy and vibrant deyet painted with heart and humor against the backdrop of Paris during its Gilded Era.

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When April Vogt"s boss tells her about the discoveries in a cramped, decrepit 9th arrondissement apartment, the Sotheby"s continental furniture specialist does not hear the words "dust" or "rats" or "shuttered for seventy years." She hears Paris. She hears escape.Once in France, April easily learns the apartment is not simply some affluent hoarder"s repository. Beneath the dust and cobwebs and also stale perfumed air is a goldmine and also not because of the actual gold (or painted ostwealthy eggs or mounted rhinoceros horns or bronze bathtub). First, there"s a portrait by among the masters of the Belle Epoque. And then there are letters and also journals written by the woguy in the painting, papers mirroring she was even more than a renowned courtesan with enviable decolletage. Suddenly it"s no longer around the bureau plats and Louis style armchairs that will certainly fetch millions at auction.It"s around a life. Two lives, actually.With the help of a salty (and also annoyingly sexy) Parisian solicitor and the courtesan"s personal papers, April tries to uncover the keys hidden in the apartment. As she digs into one woman"s life, April can"t aid yet take a deeper look into her own. When the two things she left bubbling earlier in the States start to boil over, April starts to wonder whether she"ll ever before discover - in the apartment, or in her life - just what she"s trying to find.

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"Vive le Paris apartment!" – Booklist"A Paris Apartment winds between previous and existing, in between 2 passionate women and also their lives, loves and fortunes. Indeveloped and assured, dehowever writer Gable"s pincreased is fresh and emotionally complicated. Glimpses right into Parisian life, the arts, and also the high finish antiquities trade are piquant accents to an excellent mystery." - National bestselling writer Sophie Littlefield"The women"s fiction civilization is lucky to welcome Michelle Gable to its ranks. In A Paris Apartment, Gable deftly weaves romance, mystery, past and current into a wonderful page-turner that will certainly have actually readers clamoring for her next book." – Alliboy Winn Scotch, New York Times-bestselling writer

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Sue Z. (Cornelius, NC)

The Paris Apartment This book is the ideal book to read curled up prior to a fire in winter or lying in the sunlight at the beach in summer. Like Paris itself, it"s funny and sad, demure and also sexy and altogether delightful. The two primary personalities, among which we fulfill through her diaries, written a a century prior to, and also the other a modern woman, consumed by her career. In spite of the many type of years between them, it becomes noticeable that they are beset by the same romantic problems entailing forgiveness and fidelity. How this is worked out in the time of the appraisal of the apartment"s contents creates. One little annoyance is the use of the word "smirk" supplied as well typically via the book. Maybe the editor can fix this Susan B. New Holland, PA (art lover and teacher)
A Paris Apartment Even if you"ve never been to Paris you will certainly be instantly transported tright here while reading The Paris Apartment. You might even learn a little of French as there are several French phrases sprinkled throughout the story-It deserve to be fun trying to decipher them via context which is sensibly basic to execute.You will certainly meet a actors of amazing personalities, both American and also French, male and female. I felt the characters were incredibly well-drawn by the writer and blessed via clever dialogue as they interact via one an additional.The two main female personalities are born a century acomponent so that the personality of the one living in the 1ninth century is revealed with her comprehensive diary recounting her countless trysts which can either scandalize you or delight you-most likely both as the humor sometimes made me laugh out loud.This reader appreciated The Paris Apartment and also extremely recommends it as entertaining and also also educational pertaining to art, antiques and the city of Paris itself. Everett W. (Mount Pleasant, SC)
Impressive Debut This is a really superior debut novel. The composing is fantastic and insightful. Although I mean it will be classified as a "women"s book," as a male reader I found it engaging. It mainly is both an imagiindigenous romance and also a paean to Paris both contemporarily and in the time of the belle epoch, all from the viewsuggest of 2 extremely different women. The writer handles these alternative backgrounds especially well and also she appears very knowledgeable about the present art auction industry. I currently have extremely recommfinished A Paris Apartment to my wife and her book club, that I think will certainly love this book. Barbara K. (Brooklyn, NY)
A Mystery in Paris I never before believed that I would certainly reap analysis a novel about furniture but A Paris Apartment by Michelle Gable has actually prcooktop me wrong.It is also the story of two woguys. April Vogt is a New York furniture appraiser sent out to Paris to evaluate the contents in an apartment as soon as owned by Marthe de Florian who abandoned it and also its possessions in 1940, never to return.The mystery of that Marthe de Florian was and why this apartment has been vacant for 70 years kept me intrigued but the story unfolds as April starts to review Marthe"s diaries.This unusual tale walso written, maintained me guessing and was infsupplied via the setting of Paris, both past and existing. I recommend it. Randi H. (Bronx, NY)
A Paris Apartment Wow -- what I book! I literally could not put it down. Reading A Paris Apartment, I came to be immersed in the lives of 2 women in France - April Vogt in the present, and Marthe de Florian living in the Belle Epoque. April"s task is to inventory the furnishings and also assorted memorabilia uncovered in Marthe"s apartment, which had actually not been checked out in 70 years. April finds Marthe"s journals, and also becomes rather obsessed with Marthe"s life.The setting is excellent for anyone who enjoys Paris, and the apartment at the center of the story was reportedly real. The heart of the story revolves approximately the two womales, both of whom are trying to discover their way in the lives and also their loves. Highly recommended! Joan W. (Orion, MI)
Paris! I love these kinds of stories – two stories in one – one current day and also the other previous. April is a furniture professional that goes to Paris to testimonial and also put up an auction of extremely old furniture in an apartment closed up for 70 years. In the procedure she finds the diaries/journals of the previous owner. She knows these journals will certainly help in the auction - in the existing day her marriage is on a teeter totter, not certain whether it is up or dvery own, possible divorce. It is a little intertwining yet the story is an excellent one. She has actually some concerns too that she hadn"t mutual and has been hosted inside for also lengthy. All in all, it renders me desire to go to Paris and also to discover new love and also friendships. Very great story. I would certainly certainly recommfinish it. As I said previously, this is my kind of story – and that is what it is, an excellent story without all the language and such that are in others.

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Michelle Gable is the New York Times Bestselling writer of A Paris Apartment and also I"ll See You in Paris. She is also a mom, wife, investor relationships executive, Chargers seachild ticketholder, tennis player, and also card-transferring member of the Chickasaw Nation.After thriving up in San Diego, Michelle attended The College of William & Mary in Virginia, wright here she majored in bookkeeping as a lot of aspiring authors do. She presently resides in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California, through her husband also, 2 daughters, lazy cat, and one exceptionally bitey rablittle.

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