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upon the kidneys and the urine is rendered more acid than
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excretion. The iodin is excreted in inorganic form and probably is
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should not address them harshly in the presence of patients
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long as time endures. The old operation cut off the direct
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box might be offered to that distinguished biologist M.
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lation. Mineral salts then constitute a fourth nutrient.
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the foot and occasion severe lameness which generally is
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when they come to maturity their constitutions can stand
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and his general condition was one of apparently very consid
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into the bodies of young cattle it finds conditions favor
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tion in the cervical region reveals enlargement and tenderness of the lymph
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amination of the blood revealed a number of hematics with piro
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cod liver oil. Umbilical discharge more feculant very offensive
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a spiral of copper wire and a wire of zinc twisted into
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the regular schools. We hope the investigation will not prove a
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Edinger L Anatomy of the Central Nervous System of Man Tr.
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This gentleman while on a visit to a creditor of his in
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under the title of ulcerations and degenerations of the cervix uteri.
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affection of the retc mucosum or adipose colorific layer of the skin in
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and unusual rainfalls the first one occurring on September
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required to be placed in the prone position pacing did not
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morning and was apparently nervously affected as the eyes
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over cannot carry out that golden principle of limiting the
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Vision is not generally much affected in recent cases but
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of treating burns by paraffin as practised at the St.
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flat along a disproportionate part of its length hence the resultant
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My only apology for this intrusion is that an astonishing
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a little better. She had no Stool the Clyfter was therefore re
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consulted Mr. Rudolf Herring one of the most eminent ex
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The focal distance of simple biconvex and biconcave lenses is
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indicates on the contrary that these animals are extreniely susceptible to this form
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heart failure and perceived that it was due to the onset
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very dirty pair of hands have just been washed. Therefore
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