me that all the doctors previously consulted had been
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substance or drug has so powerful a stimulant action on the liver cell
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came steadily worse and the hand always felt cold. Ex
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the upper thigh and making pressure over the insertion
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According to the Medical Record three brothers in a town near
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cholera spirillum is associated with certain bacteria most commonly the
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extreme idiocy and imbecility to the minor forms of feeble
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I have noticed for years that during the summer months
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attacks of colic unaccompanied by constitutional or
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honour whether on the Julian Alps or in the Istrian Triangle. The
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either chloroform or ether and ranges between chloro
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than the first decimal potency and generally in the third. Bel
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structures whilst the local disease is quite insignificant this
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possibility of a District Surgeon driving through the
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The immorality and inhumanity of the practice need scarce
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Last day for applications for Clinical Clerkships and
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hygienic habits for in this respect no greater contrast can
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different drugs might act upon entirely different portions
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The laryngeal spasm may be relieved by emesis which may be brought
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ring of course the internal canal decreases it is strained at every
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Fig.. An irregularity produced by the too early extraction of a
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muscles and aggravation of pain when they are made to contract.
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including the diseased portion and the ends approximated after the method
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urine is voided the kidneys continuing to act ftrongly after the
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imagination may awaken the desire while predilections of taste undoubtedly
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An alkaloid obtained from the leaves of Camellia Thea
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enabled to avail yourselves of the opportunities of obtaining know
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of various diseases were now satisfied that it exercised a dele
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zier of Philadelphia read this paper. He took up the con
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yellow fever may be by the active measures of health
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classes. This is owing to the fact that the children
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F. Flick of Philadelphia the secretary read this report
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black to attach to those who allow superstition i.e.
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Kaempfer in his Amoenitates Exotica p. calls it fomo or Jkimmi and has
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exists no definite relation between these pretended causes and acromegaly.
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This volume is rather conveniently arranged in twenty four chapters
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rooms will be furnished by donations from different mercantile establishments