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diseased animals those most frequently harboring the infection being the

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Pyelitis cases had exacerbations which were brought on

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Joint pains are absent. Gastric discomfort after meals and

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tation and good nursing were apparent in the splendid

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a line toward the axilla from the umbilicus but care

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Tlie appearance of the patient the extreme blueness and the rapid progress of

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restoration of the sight. One may ask the question

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goes extensive interstitial change and begins to contract.

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fall in the thermometer has occurred here. Early this morning the sky was

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the moderate and marked hyperplasias. gm. It is also interest

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inflammation the presence of which gives the peculiar characters

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softening and destruction such are tubercle melanosis encepha

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wakened by the advent of dyspnoea and finds himself wheezing at times

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friends have christened him with the nickname of Tallow Face said

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Dr. Foster has never heard of a case of death wjiere

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phia. I was afterwards more particularly acquainted with him

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viscosum is a colon like organism it grows only on glycerol agar

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affected but when a resistance is interposed in either of the wires

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and dogs under chloroform for many hours with inter

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of the Commanding General of the Army Air Forces for the operational

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jaundice other symptoms of liver disturbance and also by

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in bed and watchfulness. He did not readily bear any pressure

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readily detached so that they drop freely into the peritoneal

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inite conclusions can be drawn from so limited a number

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of medicine. He who lacks knowledge of structure and

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gelatinous exudate. In cases where the lungs show an extensive

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Epiphytes arc considered by some to include vegeta

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