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contingencies. Of such adaptations some are mentioned in the accom

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The early treatment of the primary disease is important.

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media but best if a sugar be added. Maltose is the most

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its treatment which emanated from different sources. If we

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by having the head of the patient shaved Casimir Medicus cured obsti

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a tumblerful may be taken at bedtime without unpleasantness. This

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frequency of his pulse. I replied that many mistakes might

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turned up their teeth grow longer narrower and of a

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Much discussion has arisen as to the origin of the hemorrhagic

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retain its tone a little animal food of easy digestion such as mutton

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to the pharynx and soft palate as well prevents gagging. One per cent

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dent she has frequent attacks of irritable bladder.

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rous animals. Pounds of tartar emetic have been given

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tion. any necessary recommendations for removing defects. In

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a broken bone is often left from first to last to the

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retary attended the meeting in Boston of the New Eng

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Finsen by placing patients suffering from variola in a room into which

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Pharmacologists have shown that strychnin is without effect on the

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posteriorly at the left of the spinal column near the ninth or

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pletely controlled. Two cases of acute Bright s disease

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must be reopened. The parallel of the reaction is striking

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nately we have no means of determining in advance how long an

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as no further dose should be given until the effects of the

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allayed by the internal use of sodium bromid grs. or

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Here again is a frightful default against which any good sanitary

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Side History of Syphilis Syphilitic Lepra Great Itnprove

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the first case reminded him of an accident which occurred

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even cabbages and turnips. Their captives have planted peach and

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commissures with relation to these two bodies. The result of

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later added manifestations in the gastrointestinal and

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to disease of the regio olfactoria itself tobacco poisoning syphilis or to

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Medicine and Hygiene. Assistant Director of the Sudan

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strated. About per cent of men entering the class show

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served when fluids collect in the abdomen ascites. This is

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within hours dropped to normal and remained normal during the

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said thought that agriculturists were rather slow in

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Noting that the child kicked in a lively manner which

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the various component parts. Continuity and contiguity